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TftW: Swarm Problem.

TftW: Swarm Problem.
Rick O Connell (The Mummy, 1999 version) TF/MC

This is one of many tfs of my character into an iconic horror hero or cult favorite character in general,  there are a couple I am doing of him becoming Snake, Ash,  Seth Gecko and Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China as well.
It was another typical evening for monster movie fan and monsterologist Nathan Forester,  he had just returned from another adventure and he was sitting down to write up a story on his computer and have himself a snack,    but just as he was about to eat,  he noticed there was a line of ants crawling across the table.   He quickly cleaned up the crumbs before backing away,  and pouring some talcum powder on the floor to keep the ants away,  and while it did keep them from attacking,  it didn’t prevent a much bigger group of insects from attacking him.

These much bigger insects resembled mutated beetles and they crawled around in a circular motion around him while he squirmed a little before attempting to fight one of them,  which proved to be a big mistake when said beetle bit him on the arm, he yelped for a few seconds before fighting back.   Strangely enough though the bite didn’t do anything to him,  it didn’t kill him but it did make him feel a little bit weird and disoriented,  he spun around a few times as if he was dizzy.

“Woah…I feel so dizzy all of a sudden?  Could it be the result of the bite?”

He thought for a few seconds but his train of thought was interrupted by a sensation of sorts that was slowly but surely jolting through his system,  his DNA was altering and contorting and it was working its magic on his body as well,  he felt energy pumping through his body and through his blood as his body slowly began to pump up and gain musculature,  starting with his chest and torso as they bulked up,  his arms broadening and following suit as his hands enlarged to go with them.

Instinctively he flexed them a bit as his skin slowly lost its imperfection and became rugged yet smooth,    his clothing slowly altering and contorting to become a white adventurer’s shirt and pants with a brown belt to go with it as a pair of brownish leather boots formed on his feet,  his feet in general grew a bit larger as his legs broadened.  He didn’t mind this though,  in fact to him it was kind of nice.    His back and shoulders broadened next as he slowly grew in height to 6’3.

“I’m looking pretty good here…”

His neckline altered as his normally light brown hair darkened a bit and lengthened to become a bit longer but also wavy,   he ran his fingers through it as his neckline lengthened, his eyebrows thickened a bit as his browline spread out a bit,  his eyes widening as they turned from brown to a vibrant shade of blue while his nose altered in shape,  his appearance slowly altering to becoming slightly more masculine, and becoming quite handsome in some regard as his jawline broadened.   His chin elongated,  giving him a lantern jaw of sorts as he felt his face.

Rushing over to the mirror,  he could see he bore a striking resemblance to the character Rick O’Connell,   he even was dressed in the exact same outfit.  His voice deepened and altered to become more masculine and also matching his appearance,  giving him Rick’s voice as his mind and memories altered,  he was starting to remember a bunch of adventures he went on with his wife Evelyn,   he also remembered the priest Imhotep,  the dragon emperor and the Scorpion King.    In addition to this he remembered that he was the character Rick O’Connell as played by Brendan Fraser,   as his transformation completed,  he looked at the insects for a few seconds before fighting them off.

He wasn’t afraid of them anymore and he was definitely getting the upperhand in this case, he was getting an advantage over them.   He backflipped before slicing a few of them with his knives and shooting at a couple that were in the corner,   a couple of seconds later and he had cleared them all out.

“That wasn’t so hard.”

“Excuse me…”


“I couldn’t help but notice that you’re quite the skilled adventurer.”

“I didn’t see you there.  Hi. I’m Rick O’Connell,   your friend Nathan sent me here to deal with some bug problems.   And pretty immense,  nasty ones too.   One of them bit me as well,  but luckily I didn’t die.”

“That’s good.  So how long have you known him?”

“Its hard to say really but we have crossed paths many times before.”

“Well I’ll just leave you to it then.”

And thus with that Rick was left to do his job and do what he did best,  and that was what he did, luckily though there were no more insect problems to deal with but he was still curious as to where they came from and so he used the computer to research them and to figure out how to prevent more of them from entering and intruding,   doing his job and also proving himself to be quite a formidable enemy and worthy ally.

As for what happened later,  he enjoyed being who he was and chatted to people who were fans of the movie he was from online.   And he later explored the rest of his new surroundings and fought many enemy monsters as well as studied them,  he didn’t mind being scared by them either.

Remember my friends,  sometimes pests come in many different sizes and the bigger ones may require a little extra help to get rid of.    And if they’re of the supernatural variety,  just call on good ol Rick and he’ll fix it in no time at all,   just make sure you’ve got him on hand in case of mummies and other paranormal entitites though,  because he knows how to handle that sort of thing.


TftW: Future Shocked.

TftW: Future Shocked.
Alternate 1985 Lorraine (Back To The Future 2) TG/MC
This is a TG i’ve been meaning to do for a while since I dreamed it,  it’s basically a TG into Lorraine McFly from Back To The Future,   specifically 1985 Lorraine from the timeline where Biff owns everything,   this is also a topical one considering the incarnation of Biff from that timeline is based on Trump.  

It was an extremely rough trek through the year of 2017 and it was five months after Donald J.Trump had become president of the United States and everybody all over the USA was in total panic, with people being divisive over whose side they were on.  If you didn’t support number 45 in anyway,  you were mistreated and abused for it and there were riots in the streets,  they thought that 2017 was going to be an improvement over last year but it turned out to be just as bad –  with more celebrity deaths and a president who looked more like a fish than a person.    Nathan’s friend Kevin felt exactly the same way,  he was optimistic that things were going to get better but sadly…they didn’t,  things just kept getting worse and worse and he was worried that at this rate,  he wouldn’t make it out alright through the rest of the year.

A few times he attempted to cheer himself up and he did succeed but still…he knew this wasn’t going to be a good year at all and he felt like things could just get worse at any minute,  he looked around for a few seconds as he made a couple more attempts at lightening up.   A couple of seconds later,  a package had arrived for him.   He was curious as to what was in it so he picked up the package and opened it up,  inside was a remote control of some kind.   

“Hmmm…I wonder what this does.”

“Dear Kevin,   I know you’ve been feeling down for the past few months and I thought that you could use with some cheering up.   The gift you have just recieved is a remote control that controls the universe.”

“Oooh,   I can’t wait to test it out.”

He  got out the remote and decide to give it a test run,  pointing it at a couple of kids playing around with their new apps as he turned it on,  their speed slowly lowered itself as if they were on slow-motion and a couple of seconds later he paused them.   He changed the color of a few houses as well,  in addition to this he decided to have a go with the ‘random’ setting, which went well until the remote started to malfunction.

The remote glowed and gave off an electrifying series of sensations which jolted through his body,  these sensations caused a slightly tingling sensation which was the result of a series of changes he was about to go through,  his skin slowly began to soften and smoothen as his arms shrank down along with his hands,  his fingernails slowly lengthened and turned a bright crimson color as this was happening.    His torso and chest slowly slenderized as a pair of round formations slowly developed on the latter,  swelling out and forming a pair of breasts as his stomach slimmed down.   He looked at his dark blue shirt as his clothing slowly changed into a glitzy looking purplish dress-jacket combo with a belt as his legs shifted to extend,  and his hips flared out,  making his rear look a bit larger than normal.

His feet slowly shifted to match his hands as his shoes altered to go with the rest of his outfit,  his privates retracted and were replaced with the more womanly variant as his back gained an arch to it and his shoulders slowly shrank.  His neckline altered as his hair darkened slightly while extending,  lengthening and becoming longer and also a bit curlier and in addition to this his eyebrows thinned while his eyes widened,  eyelashes blossoming forth around them.

His lips slowly contorted and softened,  becoming quite kissable as his cheekbones rose and his features softened up which in turn feminized in the process as his voice elevated in pitch, becoming higher and more feminine,   a couple of rings appeared on his fingers as his –  or her at this point,  mind shifted,  she was remembering her life as a woman named Lorraine McFly,   because that’s who she was.   She was Lorraine as played by Lea Thompson in the Back To The Future trilogy –  albeit she was the older version of her from the 1985 timeline in which she was married to Biff Tannen.    And now here she was,  in 2017 where the man that her husband was inspired by was the president.

She couldn’t believe it,  she was more than a little bit frightened but she wasn’t confused, not by that much.   She kind of knew this sort of thing was bound to happen as she looked at the remote for a few seconds,   before heading over to what happened to be a Delorean parked near the shooping mall.     A few seconds later,  she caught a news report that showed a clip of  Biff and Donald Trump talking to eachother and bonding.   Melania Trump happened to be standing right next to her at the time as well.

“That’s my husband!”

“Which one?”

“Biff…the one on the right.”

“He reminds me a lot of my husband.”

“Oh…you have a husband that acts like mine?”

“Why yes…i’m Melania by the way.”

“Ah yes,  i’ve heard a lot about you and your husband.  It seems that my husband seems to really get along well with him.  It’s like they’re basically almost exactly the same…it’s no wonder he has taken a liking to him.”

“So you know of my husband?”

“Well yeah…he’s Donald Trump…who doesn’t know him?  My husband gets a lot of inspiration from that man.   You must be very happy about him becoming president and all, because nobody else seems to be.”

“It’s a long story…”

“You can tell me everything…”

“Alright,  sit down..this is gonna take a while.”

And thus,  with that Melania and Lorraine shared their experiences and exchanged their stories,  comparing to see which one of them had the more difficult time adjusting to being with their husband and adjusting to the sudden fame and riches that came with their new life-style,    meanwhile other in the nearest bar,  Marty and Doc Brown could be seen talking to  a man in a lab coat who looked and sounded like Christopher Walken.
As for what happened later,  she tried the best she could to enjoy her life as it was and to adjust in 2017 –  and she did catch up with Marty and Doc later as well.   It may have not be exactly what she wanted,  but for her it was more than fine.

Remember my friends,  even though it may be difficult to adjust to new things but overtime,  you may find it can get a lot worse or a lot better depending on one’s personal views and what not,  of course sometimes we all have to be  aware of future shocks once and a while as well.

TftW: Killer Queen.

TftW: Killer Queen.
Santanico Pandemonium TG/MC
This is a story of my character becoming Santanico from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn with elements of vampirism and hypnosis,    this is one of many horror character tfs i’ve been meaning to work on.

Nathan was never a fan of being corrupted or brainwashed in any form that didn’t involve hypnotic powers,   in fact if it involved being forced to wear a suit of any particular creature or smell anything foul –  he would opt not to be corrupted and just run away and carry on with what he was doing before,   but if there was anything that he loved –  it was monsters,  in particular vampires.    The badass kind of vamp that is,   not those sparkly wannabes from Twilight or those Being Human vampires or those ones  from True Blood or Vampire Diaries, as in the really AWESOME kind of  vampire that ruled during the 80’s and 90’s. 

One night he was out and about in the city,   checking about the various locations of which sightings of a strange vampire clan of sorts and his findings had brought him to the entrance of a nightclub known as the Titty Twister.     He was hesitant at first but he decided to go in because there was a possibility of finding the answers to his questions,   he did so and what he was greeted by was  beyond his wildest and most vivid nightmares.

He looked around before coming across an altar of some kind,  and what appeared to be a throne in the middle of the stage,  he stepped over to the stage and inspected the altar and throne,   and that’s when he saw her….her being a dancer,  a mysterious dancer,  obviously female and dressed in a bikini of some kind.    The way she came into the place,  right then  and there he knew there was something different about her,   the way that she moved – along with her hair,  her face and her lines…it was divinity in motion. 

“Woah…hello,  I didn’t see you there.”

“I see you’ve made yourself at home.”

“Yeah…I love this place already.”

“Would you like to live here?”


She looked over at him before seducing him with her dance moves,  as he watched her dance moves he slowly began to fall into a trance-like state and he felt like he wanted to dance just like her,   as he started to drift off more and more he started to think about how much he loved vampires and the idea of being one.    The dancer’s teeth slowly sharpened with the canines extending to be akin to fangs as she reached for his neck,  sinking her fangs into which caused blood to drip from it,   she lapped it up as if she was a cat lapping up milk from a bowl.

He didn’t this though,   not even as his skin slowly started to soften and smoothen as his skintone developed an exotic look to it,  making him look like he was Hispanic as his arms extended and slimmed down,  his hands shrinking in the process as gold wring-lets appeared around his wrists,  his fingernails lengthened as he looked on in an entranced state.  His mind was filling with thoughts of wanting to drink blood and of wanting to embrace being a vampire,   in addition to this his legs lengthened as his his flared out,  his hips widening as his rear inflated a bit. 

His privates retracted and altered into a more womanly variant as his feet shrank,  he looked on his chest as his stomach slimmed down,  his torso also contorted to allow his body to continue its shifting process while two round formations developed on his chestal area, these formations blossomed out into a pair of what were commonly known as breasts while his back arched and his shoulders shrank.  His neckline altered as his hair slowly lengthened, growing longer as it turned from brown to a raven haired black color as his eyebrows thinned, his eyes widening as his nose shrank,  his cheekbones rose as his lips swelled, becoming luscious as his features in general feminized.

Looking around at all the vampires that seemed to be occupying the place,  he began to feel like he knew them,  not just that…but he felt like what was happening was right,  like this was how it was meant to be as his voice softened and became sultry and seductive,  with an exotic accent to go along with it –  his clothes slowly faded away and were replaced with a slinky red bikini as a feathery headdress/crown materialized on his head.    His mind filled with new memories as he just relaxed and let any and all traces of his human side fade away into the proverbial shadows,   these new memories were of being a vampiress,  not just a vampiress but a rather seductive one at that,  one that was legendary for being sinister yet sexy at the same time.   Yes,  he was being corrupted but this was a good kind of corruption process that made sense and didn’t need to rely on  gimmicks like foul odors,  gasiness or even forced suiting –  this was instead the classic kind that was done via conditioning and mind control.   After all,  you don’t need to do anything like that when you are a vampire, vampires have their own ways of doing it.

He or she definitely knew that this was right and as the transformed reached completion, she gave a sly smile as supernatural energy jolted through her body along with a thirst for blood – she chuckled as any and all traces of ‘Nathan’ vanished,   to be replaced with the woman she always remembered being,  that woman being the alluring vampiress Santanico Pandemonium as played by Salma Hayek in the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, eyelashes blossomed around her eyes as she licked her lips and eyed a couple of humans.

“Mmm…looks like dinner has arrived.”

“Shall we?”

“Oh,  definitely…”

Santanico turned to her loyal army of subjects and she smirked,  watching the two humans chatting near one of the tables along with their friends.   She summoned the other dancers and instructed them to seduce a few male humans with their dance moves,  she herself seduced a male victim of her choice as well.   A couple of seconds later,  it wasn’t long until those humans were under their spell.   She was back and better than ever and as the queen vampire she ruled supreme.

And thus with that,  Santanico and the others slowly turned the human patrons of the nightclub into vampires and spreading her vampiric influence to lucky subjects as well, turning humans she took a liking to into the latest members of her army,   as well as making a few of them thralls that she could drink the blood of.   She sat on her throne and watched, chuckling to herself because she knew that she was only getting started.

As for what happened later,  more and more people came to the Titty Twister only to be turned and to become vampires themselves and it wasn’t long until her power extended to all corners of the city,  civilians all being drawn to the nightclub and being converted into vamps,   she once again ruled the night and everyone in the city would soon be bowing before her.  ‘It’s good to be the queen’,  she thought to herself as she watched her influence spreading forth throughout the city.

Remember my friends,  sometimes the best and only acceptable form of corruption of the mind is in the form of vampirism and their mind control powers.   After all,  you can’t beat becoming a sexy vampire and being royalty to boot.   The former when combined with the latter is definitely a sucessful one,  especially if you are Santanico Pandemonium.  The queen of the night,  the queen of vampires,  and the mistress of all things dark and sinister,  the seductive vampiress herself.

Costume Mishap

Costume Mishap

This is the 2012 Halloween special story involving my character and the turning into what you are dressed as scenario,  it also is a tf of my character into comedian Russell Brand and involves a lot of comedy.  This also includes several other transformations as well.
It was October 31st,  2012 and all across the city everyone was dressed up in a variety of costumes and enjoying the spirit of the spooky season known as ‘Halloween’.  Yes, it was that time of year again,  a time for embracing the supernatural.    Nathan and his friends were no exception as they were dressed in costumes themed around the 2012 London Olympics,   of course most of their costume choices were pretty good –  but Nathan felt like he had been given the short end of the stick.

You see,  he had been talked by his friends into dressing as Russell Brand in his infamous Wonka/Mad Hatter outfit from his performance of ‘Pure Imagination/I Am The Walrus’ and he just loathed the idea of this,  but he went along with it anyway.   That night he and his gang of friends decided to attend a halloween ball over at Hillhurst,  the halloween party started off fairly normal except for the house monsters in attendance and of course Flabber hosting as per-usual,  but then things took a turn for the weird.

Just as the costume contest was starting,  an actual halloween spirit spreads it dark aura throughout the entire area,  within seconds it started affecting everyone in the mansion – starting with a group of little children in sheep costumes turning into anthropomorphic sheep,   then turning a group of Avengers cosplayers into the actual Avengers.   In addition to this,  it affected Nathan’s friends Kirsty and Chloe the most.

Half-way through her speech,  Kirsty started purring and making feline sounds –  in addition to this soft fur with a dappled pattern on it slowly sprouted on her hands,  her fingernails elongating and sharpening as they became akin to claws.  Her hands took on a half paw-like look as the fur slowly crept up the rest of her body,  some pieces of fur on her chest and shoulders standing out and becoming quite fluffy as a feline tail slowly grew out of her rear, her hair grew longer as her ears shifted to the top of her head and became cat-like.   There was a ripping sound as her boots broke apart to reveal her feet had become half paw-like as well.

In addition to this,   Chloe was also developing greyish fur on her body except on her stomach and chest which had fur of a snow white color on it,   her hands taking on the same half paw-like appearance as Kirsty’s only with two more additional thumbs on each,  her feet shifting to become half paw-like along with a small bumpy tail growing out of her rear, her rear itself becoming quite fluffy and also a bit softer.   Two bat-like wings slowly grew out of her back as a Vampirella style costume materialized on her body.

Kirsty’s eyes widened as they turned neon-green,  developing slits akin to those of a cat while whiskers slowly grew out of the cheeks on her face –  her teeth sharpening with her canines extending to become fangs while her face itself pushed itself out into a half feline muzzle,   her voice grew deeper and developed a fierce and sultry tone to it.    She purred a few more times,  the woman she was before now replaced with a seductive female werecat, she licked her lips as she noticed Joseph and Toby,  who had both turned into a wererat and a werebear respectively.

Chloe’s hair extended to shoulder length as her eyes turned blood red,  her features becoming adorable and yet enticingly attractive at the same time as her nose blackened, her teeth lenghtening and sharpening,  developing feral points as her ears shifted to the top of her head,  becoming rounder and koala-like.   The fur grew around her face as her transformation completed.  She was now what you might call –  a vampire/koala-girl hybrid of sorts. 

“Chloe…Kirsty…you’ve transformed…”

“And they’re not the only ones either…take a look..”

Within a matter of minutes the entire roster of partygoers had turned into what they were dressed as including Kara who had become Akivasha from Kull The Conqueror,   Jason who had become a jedi knight,   Jack who had transformed into Raziel from the Legacy Of Kain series,  and a group of people had become the cast of the movie ‘Freaked’.  He made his way towards the rest of the partygoers,  panicking slightly.

Knowing this kind of scenario rather well,   he decided to check in the mirror to see if he had been transformed yet.  Fortunately all was well for the meantime and he carried on,  investigating what was going on at the party.   

“Woah…you’re right,  everyone else has too…”

“But what about you?”

“Fortunately I haven’t…”

He sighed with relief as he made his way through all the hallway and past the crowds of transformed people,   but his relief began to turn to pure shock and disgust as he started to itch like he had a horrible rash,  his skin was getting a bit dirtier looking as thin black hairs sprouted on his hands, arms and chest.   In addition to this his body slowly lengthened and became more lithe starting with his upperbody,  and then followed by his legs and stomach as well as his waistline.  His feet and hands shifted in size a bit as his outfit slowly became a real version of the Wonka-esque outfit from the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.

His shoulders and back were the next to lengthen as he slowly grew in height to 6’1,   his neckline altered as his hair slowly lengthened,  darkening from brown to jet black as it extended and became messier,   a top hat of sorts had materialized on his head as his eyebrows thickened,  turning from brown to black as his eyes widened and darkened a bit, eyeliner was being applied around them.   His nose altered in appearance as scruffy facial hair sprouted around his jawline,  his jawline itself altering as his mouth widened a bit, his expression contorting for a while into a half mischievous smile.    His facial features morphed and reshaped themselves,  until he looked more like he was a doppelganger for comedian Russell Brand,  which he now was,   at least in terms of his appearance in general.

He coughed a little bit as his voice changed to match his appearance, developing a British accent of the Essex variety as he recognized the voice in question,  it was that of Russell, he now looked and sounded like Russell as his memories and thoughts altered,  any traces of Nathan fading away and being replaced with memories of being Russell Brand.  A couple of seconds later,   his transformation completed itself and he was now Russell.  Russell looked around before returning to what he was doing before,  somehow it was up to him and his friends to save the night.
“Alright…this shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Russell looked around,  making his way past the various transformed partygoers and trying not to get attacked or eaten.   He did wonder however if he got any supernatural powers of his own from the transformation he underwent and luckily he did,  he had gained a variety of spells that he could use.    He used his supernatural powers to fight off a few monsterfied partygoers before heading down to the area where his friends were,  he navigated the locale and memorized each of the locales in general before arriving there.  A couple of seconds later he thought of a plan and told it to his friends.

They put their plan into action,  gathering everybody over and putting on a special song and dance performance to a mash-up of hit halloween songs with him leading the way,  everybody was enjoying themselves and dancing along.   A few minutes later the group of friends had gathered everyone around while Russell put the next stage of his plan into action, he used his magic to make sure that everyone was safe from the various monsters that were no doubt likely to attack them.

“Now what do we do?”

“I think we should stay here a little bit longer.”

“You know I think we all have learned something tonight..”

“And what would that be,  my friend?”

“That even though some of us ended up being more fortunate than others in terms of what we all got transformed into…we’re still having a wonderful time and we still have each-other, and everyone around here is having fun.   And hey,  this is what halloween is all about,  embracing all things dark and haunting and frightening.”

“You are right there,  no matter what happens,  we’ll always have each-other.”

Russell hugged his friends and they hugged him back,  and thus with that the group decided to stay around for the rest of the party and enjoyed themselves even though everybody had been turned into what they were dressed as,  they did not mind this and grew really accustomed to their new forms.    Of course Russell had learned that what happened to him on that night wasn’t so bad and he got to enjoy the all perks of being magical and having monster friends to hang out.

As for what happened later,  they stayed in their new forms and carried on with the party, celebrating all night long and enjoying the fun that came with the greatest holiday of them all and that was of course the holiday that was..halloween,  and it was truly one of the best halloweens they had ever had and the best experience they ever had.   Everyone got to let loose and embody their more supernatural side too.

Thus brings us to the conclusion, and the moral to today’s story.   Halloween is a time for fun, a time for monsters of all kinds to come out to play and a time to embrace everything dark, spooky,  kooky and weird,  a time for everyone to gather around,  dress up,  tell horror stories and celebrate.    Remember my friends,  that you are never too old to celebrate halloween and you’re never too old or too young to embrace being what you are,  and to all you people out there…happy halloween to all and pleasant screams.

Ghost of Jealousy

Ghost of Jealousy

Maestro (Michael Jackson’s Ghosts) FTM TG

This is one of three MJ themed tf stories i’ve been meaning to do for a while and this one is of a woman into Maestro from the short film Ghosts,   this is also based on personal experiences i’ve had with people online.   And this also includes the Maestro scaring and possessing Donald Trump.

Celebrities often react in multiple different ways to being a star,  some really enjoy it and soem tend to be jumpy and overly-paranoid about it,   one such celebrity was an internet celebrity named Elizabeth Harcone aka ElizaHawk,  a member of the TF community and furry fandom who used to own and be part of a website that was home to many tf images from movies, tv shows,  comics,  cartoons,  books,  magazines and video games.  She was viewed as somewhat of an icon and to many in the TF community she someone to idolize and looked up to,  often being cited as one of the best.

Sadly after her website got closed down,  she became somewhat of a reclusive artist…only popping up on Deviantart once and a while to talk to fans,   and when she finally did get to talk to one of her fans,  it wasn’t exactly to the fan’s liking,  she seemed jumpy and paranoid,  as if she wasn’t used to being a celebrity yet.  So when the fan replied to her,  he pretty much expressed how he felt about the situation.

“Woah woah woah..why are you acting so jumpy?”

“Well…I like that you’re a fan of my website and all but really this much hero worship over me is a little bit much and i’d appreciate if you removed my name from your artist tribute.”

“What?  You’ve been on here since 2004,  don’t tell me that you’re still not used to having fans.  I don’t know if you know this,  but you were the inspiration that got me interested in monsters and transformations.  And I am willing to bet a lot of people in the TF community have looked up to you as well.”


She was about to think of another response she could use when a spectral entity manifested itself right behind her,  the spirit then manifested into another form – a humanoid male with an elegant white shirt and black pants as well as long curly black hair,  the spirit looked at her for a few seconds before diving down her throat,  possessing her in the process.    Her stomach gurgled as her body slowly began to alter and contort.

The changes commenced with her arms broadening and lengthening as well as her hands enlarging a bit,   her skin developed a much paler complexion as her chest and torso contorted,  her breasts retracting as both the former and latter lengthened, in addition to this her clothing slowly changed into an elegant white shirt and black pants as well as a pair of black shoes.

Her legs stretched a bit as her hips retracted and her privates shifted to the more mannish equivalent and in addition to this her feet shifted as well,   she didn’t mind this though,  not even as she grew a bit taller and her back and shoulders broadened a bit,   in fact it made her feel like dancing as she instinctively glided and danced along on the floor,  even ‘moonwalking’.    Her neckline altered as her hair slowly turned from light brownish to jet black,  extending and become curlier as her eyebrows thickened a little.

She closed her eyes for a few seconds as they widened,  a bit of eye makeup appling itself around them as her cheekbones sharpened,   her lips changing shape just a little as her jawline altered to give her a different look…if anything,  she looked more like she was a character played by Michael Jackson,  she chuckled a little as her voice lost a bit of its feminity but became soft-spoken and playful sounding,  matching her appearance.

A couple of seconds later and her mind altered,  she or rather he was remembering that they were a supernatural being who owned a haunted mansion and entertained people with his tricks,   he was misunderstood because others  – mainly the Mayor,  viewed him as a freak.    He of course was none other than the Maestro,  and he was glad to be back again,  he had recently updated  his scare routine and was looking forward to trying it out.

“Maestro!  What a surprise…I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I’m sorry if I scared you back there.”

“Aaaaaw…it’s alright,  you weren’t doing any harm,  you were just having fun!”

“Yeah..I sure did have a lot of fun,   I always do.”

He blushed a little as he chuckled,  he forgot that sometimes he could get carried away,  but that was alright…because the person he was talking to was nice and he only scared people like that for fun and in a more lighthearted way than he would with someone like the Mayor.    His fan happened to find it very amusing and intriguing and definitely was thinking about something right,   which definitely made him curious as to what idea was forming in his mind.

“Say Maestro..”


“I’ve got a little bit of an idea I think you might like.”

“Go on,  i’m all ears.”

“Who was the person you had the most fun scaring the heck out of?”

“That would be the Mayor.”

“What if I told you that there’s someone I know who would be just as fun as him in terms of scare potential?   Someone who could really use with a lesson and a great big scare to straighten them up.”

“I like this idea but the person would have to be someone truly horrible.”

Just as he thought about who it could be,  a poster of sorts came into view…that poster of course being a MAGA (Make America Great Again) poster with the image of none othr than the current USA president on it  –  and this is what sparked the Maestro’s interest and his idea. 

“Maestro….say hello to your next victim.”

“You should.  That’s the current president we have.”

“That’s the 45th president?  He resembles a giant fish-man if you ask me.”

“Well yes,   he is.    Maestro,  that man is Donald J. Trump.  And he’s basically our version of the Mayor.   You could say he’s a LOT like him,  he could use with a lesson and of course a scare.  So what do you say?”

“I say…yes,  I want to scare this guy so much.”

“Wanna go for it?”

“Oh ,  you bet I do.”

“Go for it,  Maestro!  And one last thing…have fun!”

Thus the Maestro used his magic to take over into the night,  heading past several locales and using his ghostly powers to possess a few bodies in his spectral form before heading towards the White House.  Of course he didn’t have to wait until the coast was clear,  because he preferred using his powers to mess around with other people first,  summoning his ‘family’  to frighten away the secret service and also possessing Ivanka briefly before making his way over to where the big orange goon himself was.     He chuckled to himself as he got ready and warmed up his scare routine,  knowing that with the updates he had made to it he would surely be able to scare the heck out of him.

Trump was about to rest for a brief period and go onto his Twitter account to complain as he usually did,  but just as he was about to do so, a large monstrous hand emerged from the tv and picked him up.   A loud,  banshee-like screech was heard as he was being picked up and played with by the hand before a demonic voice shouted…”BOO!” which frightened him,  when the hand faded back into the screen,  the Maestro crawled out of the screen like Samara Morgan and playfully giggled.

“Hi there,  you must be Donald Trump.  I’m the Maestro,  I would say nice to meet you but i’ve heard from my friend that you’re a terrible person.   By the way,  did I scare you?”

“Scare me?  No…you didn’t.  I think you’ll find that nothing frightens me.  Nothing scares me because I am the best at being brave and i’m terrific at not getting frightened of anything.”

“Well then…we’ll just have to put that to the test.  I should warn you though,  what you’re about to see is no magic trick,  it’s certainly no illusion either.  I do however have one question for you.”

“And what would that be?”

“Is THIS scary?”

Maestro commenced with his scare routine, doing everything that he did to frighten the Mayor to scare Trump.   Trump pretended that he wasn’t afraid and acted tough but of course our friend the Maestro knew that the tangerine skinned goon actually was rather frightened.   Especially when the Maestro took on his skeleton form,  then turned into his Superghoul form,  cackling sinisterily to himself as he did so.   He took on a spectral form and made Trump open his mouth,  which in turn made him go down his throat and possess him.

Now possessed by the Maestro,  Trump started to dance uncontrolably just like the Mayor did when he was posssessed and he tried to fight it but he couldn’t,  he just couldn’t stop dancing no matter what and somehow he was enjoying it.  His enjoyment however became feelings of horror and panic as his stomach gurgled and growled several times,   Maestro’s arm and hand (holding a mirror)  emerged outwards from his chest.

When he looked in the mirror,  he felt a series of uncomfortable sensations as his already grotesque appearance shifted to become a bit more monstrous than usual, shifting and altering as his form became that of a grotesque ‘Superghoul’ like the one the Maestro had. 

“What have you done to me?  I look horrible.”

“You already did look terrible before I got here.  I mean that ridiculous complexion of yours makes you look like a fish.  Besides,  i’m giving you a taste of your own medicine.  You make insensitive comments about others based on appearances and what not…so here you go.”

“Well I don’t like it…”

“That’s too bad,  because I do.  What’s the matter?  I thought you weren’t afraid,  you even said so.  You said that you’re the best at not being scared.  But you can’t fool me,   I saw you back there.”

“Oh alright alright…you’ve got me.”

“Good.  Now did I scare you?”

“Yes…you did.”

Maestro took on spectral form once again and exited Trump’s body before giggling to himself,   he was having a lot of fun scaring his new ‘friend’ and something told him that the fun had only just started.   Which of course meant that it wasn’t quite over yet,  actually it never was over for him when it came to his scaring prowess and he knew there was more to come.

“I knew I could do it! I haven’t had this much fun in years!”

“Alright,  you’ve had your fun…now can you go home?”

“Oh no no,  we’re just getting started.”

And with that Trump let out a piercing scream as the Maestro elongated his tongue out before bringing him closer.   Just when he thought it was over for him,  the look on Maestro’s face said other-wise,   that devious smile said all that needed to be said and it was a look that screamed ‘There’s much more where that came from’ –  needless to say,  the Maestro definitely was going to be making his life and his presidency a living hell from now on.

As for what happened later,  the Maestro went around scaring Trump’s many supporters as well,  teaching them the errors of their ways and going after both sides rather than simply just one.    He later continued with his work and practically kept Trumpty up all night and used numerous tactics to scare the ever loving heck out of him even more.   And yes,  he had to admit that out of all the people he had scared, Trump was his new favorite,  definitely right up there with the Mayor. 

Remember my friends,  celebrities in general sometimes may act weird towards their fans,  and they can’t help that really…sometimes they just need to see that the only thing they have to be afraid of…is the ghost of jealousy.

Embracing Darkness.

Embracing Darkness.

Darkness (Legend) FTM TG

I’ve got this character on a list of characters that i’d like to turn into and since I saw a pic of someone turning into a demon with the name ‘Darkness’ ,  I thought a Legend inspired tf was most needed indeed and there is an MC angle to this as well.
Dianne was a young woman living on the outskirts of Oakendale who unfortunately had the problem of living with a religious family with a soccermom-like mentality,   she wasn’t allowed to listen to heavy metal because of the ‘morally questionable’ lyrics in the songs, she wasn’t allowed to watch r-rated movies because apparently they were a bad influence on her and she wasn’t allowed to get into shows like Goosebumps or Are You Afraid Of The Dark because according to her mother ‘it promotes satanism’.   She didn’t care though,  she just did the best she could to keep them away from her favorite things and just embraced being the rebel.

One night she was in her room,  listening to music when she saw the moon peering out from behind the clouds,  the moon was a piercing crimson color and a demonic looking face could be seen looking down at her from it,   the eyes of the demon’s face were very enticing and she couldn’t help but fall into a deep trance-like state as a platform rose out from beneath her feet.    Flames surrounded her from every side as supernatural energy shot down from the sky and into her body,  making her convulse a few times as she levitated in mid-air.  To her,   this was actually rather good.

The white blouse that her mother picked out for her was slowly beginning to strain and tear as her chest and torso expanded,  develop musculature as her breasts retracted into the former, but to her…this was actually quite nice –  as the blouse slowly tore apart and her arms slowly swelled and developed muscles on them.   Her hands swelling and growing larger as her fingernails blackened and lengthened,  becoming akin to claws.   She flexed for a few seconds as she heard a voice in her mind.

“That’s it…that’s it,  good…embrace your darkside…”

“Oh I certainly am..”

“I can tell that there is a bit of demon blood in you and that you are just aching to show the world just how demonic you can be.   And you are going a splendid job so far.  You are really good at embracing how twisted you truly are.”

Her skin slowly roughened as it turned a particularly striking shade of crimson,  her stomach sporting a nice set of abs as the ripped remains of her blouse folded outwards into a long, black cloak.   In addition to this her legs swelled and gained musculature as her jeans slowly turned into a pair of black leathery leggings,   her hips retracting as her feet shifted to look more like hooves.   She started to feel the power from within influencing her as her privates altered to a more masculine set,   a couple of chain wristbands manifested on her wrists as her back expanded.
She reacted with glee as the rest of the changes took place,  she elevated in height to around 7’ft as her shoulders broadened,  she did feel a pulsing pain in her head for a few seconds as bumps slowly began to form,  these bumps grew out,  lengthening and extending outwards until they formed into a pair of massive horns that were jet black in color as her brow sloped a bit,  her eyebrows fading while her brow itself took on a more ridged appearance,  her ears slowly stretched out and became pointed as her hair retracted,  but she didn’t mind that – while her eyes turned from their normal bluish color to a piercing shade of yellow and the pupils of them shifted to become slitted.

Around this point,  she looked more demonic in appearance,  looking like a mix of a demon and a Buffyverse vampire as her lips blackened a bit –  her teeth lengthening and sharpening as her cheekbones sharpened,  her chin slowly elongated and stretched out while her neckline altered,   her voice deepened and gruffened,  becoming monstrous and imposing – which was fitting because it went with her demon-like visage,  her voice also shifted to become mannish but also very suave and with some British class to it,  a few seconds later and she now sounded like she had the voice of Tim Curry.    Which she did,  only it was lower pitched and very ominous.

Her mind shifted several times as she or rather ‘he’ at this point,  began to remember who he was and what he was doing in this realm,  he was the Lord Of Darkness and he was back to reclaim the maiden that he had once tried to turn to the side of evil,  of course he was going to suceed this time.    Dianne was no more…there was now only Darkness and that was absolutely fine with him,  he chuckled evilly to himself  as he dusted himself off,  now more powerful than ever.

“I have returned…”

Darkness turned his attention to the window,  where he saw her…the maiden known as Lily, and she was walking all by her lonesome and waiting for Jack.  That was when he saw the perfect opportunity,   he used his magic to make fairies appear and follow her around for a few minutes,  getting her to follow them before hypnotizing her with his voice and telling her to come over to where he was.  He seduced her and increased the effects of the trance, making her want to be with her.

The next thing he did was turn her into a demon/cat-girl hybrid to be his beloved and he kissed her,   his kiss was passionate and she kissed him back.   And with that,  he consumated his love to her and asked her to marry him,  she replied with a yes and thus the two of them got married.
As for what happened later,   Darkness reigned supreme as he converted the place into his own personal palace which humans were drawn to and fell under his spell,  all of them becoming monsters of various types to serve him and in addition to this,  he knew that all of the world would soon be his and it would only be a matter of times.

Remember my friends,  that there is no good without evil,  no love without hate,  no friendship without rivalry,  no courage without fear,  no kindness without hatred, no hero without a villain,  no friends without enemies,  no peace without war and yes…no light without darkness.  

TftW: Critical Pain

TftW: Critical Pain
Donald Trump FTM TG/MC

This is a mostly humorous story based on personal experiences and is inspired in many ways by experiences i’ve had with people who just can’t seem to understand how criticism works as a whole,   the types of people that drive me crazy and this story pretty much sums up those type of people.    This is also not to be taken seriously,  any and all complaints or stupid ‘WHY DID YOU DO THIS?’ comments or stupid comments in general should either be left for something more serious or shouldn’t be done or said at all.

Ever dealt with someone that you just can’t stand?   Well in the writing industry, there was this one person who pretty much acted like that 24-7,  she was a so-called ‘critic’ named Carol Selling,  CarolSelling was somewhat of a bitch when it came to her job as a critic,  she disgarded all works of literature that weren’t to her liking as ‘rubbish’,   acted like an SJW and tried to boss writers around and get them to write what she wanted.   She proved to be qutie a pain around the work area.     If it wasn’t to her liking,  said stories were deemed as ‘rubbish’,   she always complained about how they weren’t any good female characters even though they obviously were some in there and the like.

One of the authors she critized was having a stern-talking to her over her last review,  and he wasn’t very happy about what she had written,  in fact he was considered reporting her and getting her fired,   it would have done him good to have her fired from the company like that and would have made him feel better.

“ANOTHER crappy review from you,  Carol?”

“I’m sorry but your story was just plain rubbish.”

“You say that about EVERY story I write.  Is there nothing about it that you like?”

“All of your stories are rubbish.”

“That’s the same excuse you use always all the time.”

“But there aren’t any female monsters in your story…”

“Yes there are.  What?  Haven’t you been noticing them for the past 8 months? Have you  been living under a rock or something?   And for all your whining about the lack of female werecreatures…how come you haven’t ever watched Cat People or Ginger Snaps?  Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of those movies.”


“And don’t get me started on your responses.  Yeeeeah,  you calling someone else a coward isn’t exactly helping.   You’re the one who is acting cowardly,  whenever someone tries to call you out,  you get all defensive and try to confuse them with conveloted bullcrap that you spawned out of your noggin.”

“What?  I DON’T do that.  They’re only doing it because they think they’re superior to me, that’s all.  They think they’re being in charge by treating me like this and hiding behind their masks of cowardice.”

“Oh?   And I suppose you think you’re the underdog in all of this.  You have been a critic here at the company for FIVE whole years and you’ve just done the same shit over and over.  Look,  if you reaaaaally want to be a critic you’re gonna have to learn what the difference between real criticism and bashing is.”

“But my work is legit criticism.”

“The only good reviews you’ve ever done are for books that feature weird human/fish hybrids.   You seem to have some kind of weird attraction towards fish-people,  you even mentioning that you like the Inkling characters from Splatoon and of course your mentions of Lovecraft in one of the other storylines.    I suppose you’d like to date a Plutarkian if they were real,  right?  Exactly.”

“What?  Are you saying I have a fish-fetish?”

“Yep…you seem to have quite a hard on for aquatic creatures.  In fact there’s a rumor going around about you wanting to screw one of the mascots at the local aquarium.   Also…if you’re a supposed feminist type…then explain THAT.”


“THAT…That Donald Trump doll.  Yeeeeah,  no real feminist would support Trumpty Dumpty, and you are proving to me that you’re not a real feminist,  you’re only pretending to be one and don’t know how feminists even act.   What?  Do you actually like Trumpty.  I’m sorry, nobody unironically likes Trump. “

“That’s not true..”

“Technically it is,  it’s like liking a movie like Son Of The Mask unironically.  You can’t intentionally like a movie THAT horrible except if it’s a So Bad It’s Good movie.   Same with Trump,  you can’t like him intentionally or unironically.”


“You know I think the two of you are perfect for each-other,  you’re both basically the same anyway.   In fact,  you practically are exactly like him,  you’re both loudmouths who don’t know what the heck you’re on about,  you can’t accept real criticism,  you’re crybabies and even worse…you both pretend that you’re better than everyone else.”


“Oh yes…”

As much as she tried to cover it up,  there was no denying that she was Trump-like in a lot of ways and that’s what made her a terrible critic.   In fact,  she probably didn’t even know how it worked apart from getting to say whatever was on her sick deluded mind and that was it and that was when the author revealed a little secret to her.   He was no ordinary writer,  he was one that had powers that allowed him to bring whatever he wrote to life just by thinking about it and writing it down.   He thought for a few seconds before writing down something on a piece of paper.  

“What are you writing down there?”

“You’ll see.”  He responded as he began to write.  ‘The rude and abrasive critic found herself feeling rather ill as the author looked at her with a piercing icy glare,  she then convulsed in agony as she slowly but surely began to transform and alter.’

“Ugh….I don’t feel so good..”

Her head started to spin as her stomach gurgled and grumbled,  she didn’t know how or why but she was feeling rather unneasy as more writing appeared on the paper,  pain started to jolt through her body as she started to convulse,  her DNA slowly began to alter which triggered a series of changes from the outside as well.     The first changes commenced on her upperbody starting with her arms as they broadened with a loud cracking sound,  she looked at her arms and screamed.

Next to change were her hands as they broadened and enlarged,  her wristwatch snapping off and being replaced by a new one as her fingernails dwindled in length and her fingers thickened,  she groaned as the changes began to influence her,  altering her DNA and her body in the process.   She looked at her chest and torso and gasped as her breasts retracted into the former while it broadened along with the latter,   in addition to this her stomach slowly bloated up and broadened,  pushing against her top.

She tried to unbutton her top but her growing stomach was doing that for her,  puckering multiple times as clutched onto it,  her top slowly began to tear open as she grew in bulk, the skin on her hands slowly turning a peace-tan almost half orange color as her stomach bounced for a bit,  pushing against her shirt until finally with a loud rip her shirt gave way to reveal the upper-half of a formal buisness suit growing underneath it.

In addition to this her grey trousers started to get tighter as her legs broadened and contorted in the same way her arms did,   not only that but her feet enlarged as her shoes shfited to a pair of size 12 workshoes while a bone spur audibly formed in one of her feet,  causing her to yelp in pain.   Her belt unbuckled itself as her rear slowly inflated,  losing its more efeminate curve but still inflating to be pretty large.    Her trousers tightened even more at the back as her rear grew a bit more,  pushing against them and with a ripping sound her trousers tore apart to reveal the lower-half of the suit forming underneath while her privates altered to the more mannish variant.

Her shoulders and back broadened with a crunch as she elevated in height to 6’2,  now weighing around 236lbs,  she poked her much larger stomach with her finger and tried to move around with her bulikier build while her neckline altered,  a long necktie of a crimson color slowly wrapping itself around her neck and growing down to her stomach as her face slowly turned the same colour as her hands,  her hair slowly fluffing up as it turned from dark brown to blonde,  and without warning – she started instinctively combing it over,  as her brow sloped,  her eyebrows bushed up and turned blonde to go with her hair as her eyes turned from olive to icy blue –  widening in the process.

Her nose stretched in length as her mouth widened,  her lips losing a bit of their feminity and shrinking a bit as her cheekbones sharpened and her jawline broadened,   her features grizzling and contorting themselves until she looked more like 2000’s era Trump and less like herself.

There was a grumbling sensation in her throat as her voice gruffened, altering to become more masculine and developing a New York accent and mannerisms that matched her new appearance,  her mind started to get clouded as new memories and thoughts took over,  memories of being a very wealthy and famous tycoon and reality show and she remembered being male and that she or rather he was Donald J. Trump.

He stretched for a few minutes before adjusting,  ever since the author had imagined him as a supernatural creature he had been trying to keep control of his monster powers knowing that he was a Monstrump and probably could harm others if he wasn’t careful,  and he wasn’t quite ready to go out and start building his ‘army’ yet.   He turned to the author and blushed a little,   out of embarrassment due to accidentally knocking over one of the sculptures with his inhuman strength.

“Are you alright there?”

“Yeah…I’m alright.  I still can’t get the hang of my powers though.”

“I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it soon enough,  you just have to keep practicing.”

“You really think i’ve got what it takes?” 

“Yeah…just don’t do anything too monstrous or destructive.”

“I won’t…”

“Oh and whatever you don’t,  please do NOT run for president.”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Beats me…unless you really want to that is.”

“Heh heh..i’ll keep that in mind.”

“That’s good to hear.”

And thus,  with that the new Trump walked around for quite a few hours,  adjusting to being in a much smaller area and going around finding humans to hire as Apprentices,  he was a Monstrump after all and like on the show he needed an apprentice,  of course there were plenty of humans to choose from.   Given at this time he wasn’t fully monstrous or evil in the slightest,  he kept his temper and his powers under control for the time being until it was ready for him to take action.

As for what happened to him,  well let’s just say he most certainly did learn his lesson and he learned about how to use his developing powers for good first before moving on to bigger things,   learning to adjust in a much smaller place than the ones he was accustomed to proved to be quite a challenge as well but he grew used to it.   As for what happened later, both him and the author stayed on good terms,  since the author could keep him under control if he ever got too aggressive and he could help him if needed.

Remember my friends,  there is a diference between critiquing and bashing,  not everything needs to be sugar-coated but we also must remember that nitpicking and saying ‘this sucks’ does not equal legit critiques,   as it is more on the lines of bashing or trolling than anything, at least nitpicking can be good for something though.   When it comes to critiquing, don’t be the ‘This sucks’  person,  not even if you’re pretending to do it,  don’t be the ‘Everything sucks’ guy,  just don’t.