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Hello and welcome to my monstrous lair,  this is a peaceful place for talking about monster related topics such as what kind of monsters you like as well as different kind of monsters such as the following:

  • Spellcasters (e.g phasms,  wizards,  witches, fairies, pixies)
  • Werecreatures (all werecreature types are welcome, even if they are stupid)
  • Vampires (no sparkly ones please)
  • Zombies or deadites
  • Demons
  • Aliens (can include frog mercenaries or reptilians as well, just ask first)
  • Cybernetic beings (e.g terminator, robocop)
  • Monster animals
  • Gods or demigods
  • Elementals
  • Constructs
  • Scary animals in real life
  • Tiny terrors (e.g critters,  gremlins)
  • Astounding sea discoveries
  • Comedic monsters
  • Fairy Tale creatures (e.g trolls, dragons)
  • Human/animal hybrids
  • Evil toys

Remember I am the moderator of this blog so I have the right to trash any comments which I deem to be either trolling or otherwise insulting.

All comments must be posted in a non derogotory or flamming manner and remember to always stay on topic.   If you must post off-topic, do it in a way that doesn’t invoke trolling or outbreaks.

You can post monster related stories, poems and art here as well as TF stories if you like.   And there is no limit,  even if it’s from a book, movie, comic, tv show or cartoon or even your favorite video game.

All kind of monsters are allowed here.

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