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Hessian Hex part 8

February 16, 2013

With Ichabod and Ariana both trapped inside a dark energy magic field, and the mark of the Hessian permantly implanted on my left hand….things weren’t looking any brighter.

I wanted to fight Michayala and get back at her for what she did, but something was preventing me from doing so.

“Well…have you made your decision yet?”

“Ummm…oh alright, i’ll do it. I’ll be the Hessian again.”

“Nathan! No! Don’t do it.”

“I’m afraid I have to….”


“I’m afraid so….aaaaargh!”

I doubled over in pain as shadows began creeping up once more, a wave of intense pain began flowing through me again.



“Nathan…no…come on…you can deal with this..I believe in you!”

I groaned in agony as the shadows crept up behind me and turned my clothes black until they looked more Hessian-like.

“Aaaaaaaaargh! Grrrrrr…it hurts so damn much!”

“Nathan…you can fight this…try to resist it…”

“No…I can’t….it’s too strong….my bloodlust is rising…”


The shadows crept up to my legs and turned my shoes into a pair of black boots as the marking on my left hand started glowing some more.

I was groaning in agony as the shadows slithered down my back, forming a cape of sorts – in addition to this, the shadows snaked themselves around my hands – turning into black gloves.

“Grrrr……grrrrr…heeeeeeeelp me!”

“We’re trying. Michayla, you witch! Stop this right now!”

“It’s too late….your friend is already changing and there’ss nothing you can do about it. He’s going to attack you afterwards.”

“That would never happen. I wouldn’t let that happen to my friend. He would never do that to me!”

“Grrrrr…she’s right, you know….no matter what you say, I will never…ever…kill anyone. I’m too nice….i’m the good guy here NOT the big bad, aaargh..”

I was about to continue when more pain started coursing it’s way through my body, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

My hair turned from it’s normal brownish colour to jet black and spiked up as my skin turned pale and dark makeup appeared around my eyes.

“Let Nathan go! Take me instead!”

“What part of ‘it’s too late’ don’t you get? His transformation is already progressing further..and before you know it will be complete…”

“No! I won’t let this happen!”

“Grrrrrr…..Heeelp me, Ariana….heeelp me!”

My groans of agony were more like a series of screams now as I closed my eyes hoping the pain would go away.

When I reopened my eyes, they turned from hazel brown to aquamarine blue as my eyebrows turned black and arched becoming more menacing.

“Nathan! Hold on…you can fight this…”

“Aaaargh! Aaaaargh! Heeelp meee!”

As I screamed, my teeth started lenghtening and sharpening resembling vampiric fangs at first.

In addition to this my facial features morphed and reshaped themselves resembling the Hessian’s features a little more.

“Nathan…hold on, you can fight this!”

“No…no….Aaaaaaargh….grrr…I can’t!”

My already vampiric teeth sharpened more until they fully resembled the Hessian’s teeth as my facial features fully resembled the Hessian’s facial features.

I held my head and screamed in agony as the more vicious and bloodthirsty instincts started taking over me.

But my screams were in vain as my voice became coarse then changed to be the gruff aggressive voice of the Hessian, with my screams devolving into a series of growls and roars.

The change was complete again and I was the Hessian.

“See? That wasn’t so bad now was it?”

“Let my friends go…grrrrr!”

“You don’t need them anymore. Except as victims.”

“Victims? No, no, no, no, no, no! I would never ever…ever…grrrrrr…do anything like that! Forget it!”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to do it.”


I snarled as I turned to face Ariana and Ichabod, Ichabod had just awoken back up again and had worked out a way to break free of the dark magical energy field.

“Ichabod! We must do something.”

“I’m on it!”

Ichabod concentrated and created a shard of light magic energy that broke through the dark magic energy field and set both him and Ariana free.

Michayala stood back in shock as she saw the two of them break free of the dark energy magic field.

“Phew! Now stop this!”

“Why should I? I’m loving every moment of this. I can’t wait to see your reactions as your former friend here gives in and tries to kill you.”

“Are you out of your….grrrrrrrrrr mind? I would never ever…kill my friends, grrrrr! Raaaaawr!”

“You’re my Hessian warrior now, you have to do as I command.”

“In your dreams!”

Michayala got ready to cast a dark magical energy spell on my friends but I jumped in the way and deflected the spell back.

“I told you!”

“You win this round…but I will be back. Buwahaha!”

With that she turned into a crow and flew off into the night, she may have been gone for good but we knew that she would return.

“Nathan, are you okay?”

“I am…it’s…just….I feel so grrrrr…bloodthirsty…grrrrrrr!”

“Nathan, snap out of it.”

“I’m sorry, it’s these instincts. It’s like they’re taking over me or something.’

“It’s alright, just relax. I wonder if there is a way to reverse this.”

“Unfortunately since the mark of the Hessian has been permantely imprinted on his hand, there is no way to reverse this spell.”

“You mean he’s going to be stuck like this?”

“Well I wouldn’t say entirely… there is a spell we can use to make him look like his normal self though.”

“Good. Because I’ll try anything.”

“This spell lasts for 2-3 hours or more, and will make Nathan look like his normal self for a brief while – but we have to get him somewhere safe or secluded and not only that – we have to prevent him from “bloodlusting” , if he gets in a vicious mood or starts bloodlusting he’ll revert back into the Hessian again. And you wouldn’t want that now, would you?”

“No. I wouldn’t.”

Ichabod concentrated and cast the spell on me, in a flash I morphed back to resemble my normal self.

“Phew! I’m me again!”

“Yes, for a brief while that is. 2-3 Hours to be precist, unfortunately you will revert back to being the Hessian again if you get into a vicious mood or start bloodlusting – and what’s worse is that it might happen anytime.”

“I’ll better be careful, then. But thanks anyway.”

“You’re welcome.”

With that Ichabod went on his way back to the research building while Ariana and I headed back home to go and find someplace to hide out for the night.

Of course I was actually glad to be normal again – well almost normal, I looked like my normal self…but I now have to be more careful regarding those certain instincts that may remerge at any minute.

Will our two heroes be able to figure things out within the next 2-3 hours? Will Nathan be able to keep things under control or will those pesky instincts and bloodlust kick in again?

Find out in the finale. 


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