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Hessian Hex part 7

February 16, 2013

Ichabod and Ariana were now hiding out in the local church, they knew that in my current state that I would not be able to cross holy grounds.

They pondered and pondered for several minutes until Reverend Garett peered around the corner.

“Hello. What are you doing here at this time of night?”


“And who might you be hiding from?”

“It’s a long story. You see there was this witch and she cast a spell on my friend Nathan and cursed him – turning him into the Hessian.”

“Ah ha. I see. And what was the name of this witch?”


“Just as I thought. That is the very same dark witch that inhabited this fair town not too long ago, she used to be a highly respected spell-mistress before she turned evil.”

“Well she put a curse on Nathan that causes him to transform into the Hessian. She wanted him to be the Hessian so that she can carry out her vengence against the town.”

“So your friend got affected by the Hessian Hex spell, hmmm?”

“Yes. Unfortunately.”

“Well i’m glad you two came here to tell me about this. It just happens that I keep an assortment of books just for occassions like this.”

“Wait…aren’t you suppose to be against witchcraft and the like? I mean you are a religious type after all.”

“No. I’ve dabbled in the dark arts numerous times, it’s just that I don’t use my knowledge of it that often.”

“So…do you know a spell or two that can reverse this?”

“I certainly do. “

Reverend Garrett pulled out a book of spells and incantations and carefully looked through the pages looking for the spell.

He found a category named Light Magic/Reverse Curses, and turned to the page titled Reverse Hessian Hex.

“Is that the spell?”

“It is. It is a very complex spell, that must be done with precision and concentration or else it will not work for very long.”

“Let’s get started then!”

Ariana and Ichabod started practicing how to perform the spell while the Reverend fetched a scarecrow from behind one of the pillars and modified it to make it look like her.

A few hours later, they heard the sound of growls and footsteps nearby, they knew I had arrived.

“He’s heeere!”

“Good. Now we need to find a way to get to him.”

Just then Ariana heard a savage roar followed by the screams of townspeople, she knew I was getting nearer.


“There he is! We must do this quickly or he’ll be stuck like that forever.”

“I’ve got it, i’ve got it! Hand me the decoy.”

The Reverend handed her the decoy and she put it outside the old inn, as I drew closer and closer my bloodlust was increasing more.


“Hey, There’s a fresh new victim waiting for you.”


“And she’s over there.”


Following my more vicious instincts, I rushed off to the decoy that was made to look like her and started hacking away at it.

“That’s it! Ichabod, now!”

“Right behind you!”

“Hey….come on now, you call that your best shot? Try again!”


While I was hacking and slashing at the decoy, Ariana and Ichabod concentrated and closed their eyes.

As they did, magical supernatural energy began flowing them as white lightning formed in their hands.

The resulting magical energy blast created a light magic attack which knocked me backwards.



“Nathan, it’s us. Your companions, you wouldn’t hurt us now would you?”

Just then my eyes turned from blue back to their normal brownish colour as I morphed back into my normal self.

“Woah. What the hell happened?”

“You almost wiped out the whole town.”

“I did? Woah. Awesome…I mean how terrible!”

“It was. You were the Hessian. And if it wasn’t for this spell we just died, you would have killed us in an instant.”

“I know….but oddly…it felt kind of…good. I had no idea that being so bloodthirsty would be so invigorating.”

“I’m sure it was, but you almost scared me half to death.”

“I’m sorry I acted like that, but it’s just those Hessian instincts are just hard to control.”

“I know they are but trust me, we’ll find a way to fix this.”

“Who says I want to have it fixed?”

“Ummmm….well i’m just worried about you that’s all. I would hate for you to go and kill more people.”

A crow flew by and perched itself on a tree branch before landing on the ground and turning into the witch known as Michayala.

“Aaaaaw! Where did my fearsome Hessian warrior go?”

“I’m right there. But i’m not going to be your Hessian warrior anymore..”

“Oh really now? We’ll see about….THAT!”

Ariana and Ichabod tried to confront her but Michayla used her dark magic to trap the two of them inside a dark magical energy field.

“Let my friends go, you witch!”

“How about this instead….how about I turn you back into the Hessian and I can watch as you mercilessly attack them?”


“Too bad then.”

I leaped up in the air and tried to fight her off but she grabbed my hand and imprinted a marking of sorts on my left hand.

“Aaaaaaaagh…. what did you do to me?”

“It’s relatively simple. That marking is the symbol of the Hessian. It will glow if you get into a vicious mood and will slowly turn you back into the Hessian, the more you give into it – the more you change.”

“What? I have to change back into the…grrrrrrr…Hessian again? Oh that’s just great!”

“Nathan…you’re growling again.”

“I…grrrrrr…know that.”

“Stop what you’re doing, Michayala! Nathan would never ever try to turn against us no matter what…”

“Oh, I wouldn’t be saying that if I were you.”

“Oh no you don’t….”

“Grrr….heeelp me!”


“It’s already starting all over again…there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Oh yes, there is. Right, Ichabod?”

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.. this isn’t good what with the blood shed, the killing, and the sharp teeth and the growling…oh…”

Ichabod fainted right on the spot from within the dark energy field, Ariana looked over to him in shock.

“No, you can’t flake out on me now! We have to help Nathan….”

“Help? I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to help him now…”


Michayala gave off a wicked laugh as I started doubling over in pain, the mark on my hand was glowing and pulsating.



“No , Nathan, no! You’re stronger than this – don’t give in.”


It seemed that once again I had the curse placed upon me and looked like this time it was going to be permanent.

With that, I watched as Ariana tried waking Ichabod up and struggle inside the dark energy magic field.

What was I to do? I was left with two choices, either save my friends or give in and turn back into the Hessian. And with so little time left…this could be a difficult one to decide on.

Will our hero triumph and save his friends? Or will he give in and turn back into the bloodthirsty Hessian again?

Find out in part 8. 


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