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Hessian Hex finale

February 16, 2013

Ariana and I were back inside the inn, this time hiding out in the cellar. So far the spell to make me look like my normal self was working and everything was going fine.

Of course, deep down I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time until the spell would be wearing off and I would turn back into the Hessian again.

But I knew that she was doing her best to protect me and to save me from getting found out and from killing others.

Just then we heard the sound of footsteps outside, there was a mob of people out there and it looked like they all after me.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yeah…it sounds like there’s a mob of people outside.”

“Fresh victims? How wonderful. I mean no….no…it’s not…grrrr…”

“Nathan, control yourself!”

“I am trying to…but I can’t….grrrrrr….grrr…”

I growled at her a few times and as I did the shadows crept up behind me and my clothes started turning black.

“Nathan…there has to be someway you can keep this under-control.”

“You’re right. In fact there is this chant I learned a long while back.”

“A chant?”

“Yes, it’s a Relaxation chant. For creatures like werecreatures, demons and vampires this chant is what they use to prevent themselves from turning.”

“Really? What does it say?”

“According to the accient text in the book – which is probably in Latin….the translation says: Thy beastly instincts are strong, but I am stronger, I will overcome this, no monster shall take control of me.”

“Sounds useful. How about you give it a try?”

“Sure. Thy beastly instincts are strong but I am stronger, I will overcome this, no monster shall take control of me.”

I repeated the chant a couple of more times causing the shadows to fade and my clothes to return to normal.

“Phew! Thank god. It works!”

“Of course it does. Now what are we going to do about this?”

“Well obviously…I can’t go out there, because they will probably kill me if they find out. And I don’t want to be charged with death.”

“I know…how about you wait here while I go and confront the mob?”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

She opened the cellar exit and left it before walking out over to confront the mob of people that were waiting.

“Hi ya guys, what can I do for you?”

“We’re on the lookout for a certain supernatural creature.”

“Really? What kind? Is it a werewolf? A zombie?”

“It’s the Hessian Horseman.”

“Who? I’m afraid I have no idea who you are talking about.”

“Don’t lie. We know he’s around here somewhere.”

“You must be crazy. There’s no….ummmm….Hessian here.”

“Oh, but we’re not crazy. We saw him and heard him. He’s all pale, wears black, has spikey hair and has sharp teeth – and he growls a lot. He killed several people last night.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Yes. And now we’re going to find him.”

“Stop! I mean what if…and hear me out…this so called fearsome ‘Hessian’ is actually a good guy and he’s trying to protect us?”

“Nonsense! He’s evil. He’s a bloodthirsty killer!”

“Well…maybe he’s just misunderstood. And anyway I haven’t seen him.”

“You haven’t?”

“Nope, sorry.”

“Oh okay, then, come on guys let’s head back home!”

The mob ran off as she went back over to the entrance and back into the cellar where I was waiting for her.

“Phew! That was a close one.”

Just then…she heard a growl coming from nearby, she turned around and reacted in shock as she heard it.


“Aaaah! Nathan…don’t tell me you’ve given in already.”

“Relax, i’m just messing around with you. I’ve been keeping the urges and instincts under control just like you said.”

“Good. Because there’s an angry mob of townspeople out there that probably want to hunt you down.”

“Just when I thought that this couldn’t get anymore like a horror movie, in comes horror cliche number 16 – the angry mob with pitchforks and torches.”

“I’ve managed to get them to leave though, so you don’t have to worry about them finding you.”

“That’s good…because that’s all I really need.”

“So, how do you feel?”

“I feel…..I feel so bloodthirsty….the bloodlust is coming back….grrrr!”

I snarled as my eyes turned from brown to aquamarine blue as my skin turned pale and the shadows crept up behind me.

“Woah woah easy there, you are scaring me again.”

“Sorry, sorry…”

I recited the chant a few more times as my eyes and skin returned to normal and the shadows faded.

“It’s okay, it’s okay….i’m here for you!”

“I know…but once the hours are up, i’m afraid it will be too late.”

“Remember…stay calm, keep in control of your instincts. Everything will be fine if you do that.”

“Or maybe it won’t….it’s only a matter of time until it happens and I transform back.”

“It’s okay. Just don’t go anywhere and still here. Because frankly…who knows where you’ll be lurking when the 2-3 hours are up?”

“Aaaw…thanks for the support, but I don’t think you would want to be around to see it when it does happen again. It’s never a pretty sight when I change alignment from lawful good to evil. It’s happened to me a couple of other times too.”

“It has?”

“Yeah, like the time I was a Wereleno, the WereStallone encounter at Hillhurst, and the time I was turned into an evil version of Russell Brand in one of my own nightmares. It’s nothing new to me.”

“Sounds like these kind of things happen frequently…”

“Oh believe me, they do. The city I live in happens to be under attack from the forces of the supernatural every single night of the week.”

“So what do you normally do when you get involved in situations like this?”

“Normally in situations like this I would be able to simply use my monster powers, turn into Growler the weregrinch and save the city and defeat the big bad….but not in this case…in this case I don’t have my monster powers and i’m in danger of turning INTO the big bad.”

“I know, I should have been there.”

“It’s not like that would have made a difference or anything. What’s done has been done. I have been cursed to become the Hessian and I feel it will happen again any minute.”

“I’m here for you, and you are my best friend. I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“Thank god I can count on you. Because I don’t know how i’d be able to make it through this without you.”

“That’s what friends are for. I’ll do whatever I can to protect you and keep you safe.”

“Thank you.”

I hugged her but as I did, she noticed that something wasn’t right – I felt a chill of sorts as my eyes turned from brown to aquamarine blue.

“Nathan! Not now….you’ve got to keep control, or else the mob might find you and track you down again.”


Another growl escaped from my throat as my teeth started sharpening, looking like vampiric fangs at first.

“Snap out of it, you’re not a killer, you’re a good guy….”


“Calm down, please, you are scaring me…and that’s not a good thing. Remember that chant you mentioned earlier?”

“I do, and that chant is the only thing preventing me from killing people and bathing in their blood….grrrrr….”

“Keep calm, keep calm. This will be over soon.”


“No…let’s not. Calm down, calm down.”

“You’re right…I should.”

I calmed down as my eyes returned to normal and my teeth returned to normal as well, the instincts seemed to be getting harder to control by the minute.


“I’m a good guy…not a killer, i’m a good guy not a killer.”

“Yes, that’s it.”

“I’m a good guy…not a killer, i’m a good guy not a killer…i’m a good guy not a killer.”

“Keep saying that mantra…you’ll be fine.”

“I’m a good guy…not a killer…i’m a good guy, not a killer…i’m a good guy, not a…oh god, noo…noooo!”


The marking on my left hand started glowing again but this time giving off a more painful burning sensation.

“Aaaaaagh…..aaaaaagh….oh god, it burns! Aaaaagh!”

“Ignore the pain…you’ll be fine, we can get through this.”

I stretched out my right hand as I groaned in agony, as I was doing so the shadows crept up my right hand and turned into a black glove as half of my clothes turned black.

My right hand started acting on it’s own like it were possessed and gnarled up, attacking me several times.

“Aaaaaaaaagh! Heeeelp me! Aaaaaaaaaaagh!”

“Please, stop screaming. Or they’ll find you.”

“Aaaaaaaagh! But it…hurts…so much….grrrrr….aaaaaaaargh!”

“Nathan…no, don’t give in – it’s what Michayala wants.”

“Heeeeeeelp me!”

“I would if I could….stay calm, remember the chant..”

“You’re right…”

I cleared my throat and tried reciting the chant but all that came out were a series of growls, I covered my mouth in shock.

The feelings of bloodlust were starting to come over me again, I could feel insense pain jolting through me.

“No…Nathan! Stay calm, don’t think of killing and all those horrible things, think of…what you usually do, you know, helping people..not killing them.”

“You’re right…I’m nice, not evil, nice not evil…nice not evil…”

I returned to normal for a brief second before checking my watch, and my expression changed to a look of horror.


“Oh no….no….no…”

“What’s wrong?”


“No…you’re my friend, I can’t let this happen..”

“Grrrrr….grrrr….GET AWAY, NOW!”

I doubled over in pain as the shadows creeped out behind me and an insense wave of pain started jolting through my body.

“Nathan…come on, you can fight this…”




I snarled as I grabbed a chain and swung it around, grabbing her with it and pulling her towards me. I could no longer control myself, I was starting to lose it.

“Nathan…let me go, please. I beg you, don’t do this!”

“I’m afraid…it’s too late….grrrrrrrr….”

Intense waves of pain jolted through my entire body as the shadows snaked their way up and down my body, turning my clothes black and making them look more like the Hessian’s clothes.

The shadows then moved down to my arms and to my hands as they formed into a pair of black gloves. I was groaning in agony as this was happening.

“Nathan! Noooooooooo….”

“Get out of here while you still can!”

“I told you, i’m staying here with you.”

I groaned in agony as the shadows snaked along my back, forming a long black cape before the shadows moved down to my feet.

Once the shadows moved down to my feet, they slithered on them forming a pair of black boots.

My clothing now fully resembled the Hessian’s outfit as the changes progressed further, I continued to groan in agony.


“Nathan? Are you alright? Don’t you worry, i’m here – everything’s going to be fine…”

“Aaaaaargh…..grrrrr….GET AWAY FROM ME, NOW!”


More intense waves of pain jolted through my body as the shadows crept up my neck, this time reaching up to my hair.

My hair slowly turned from brown to black and spiked up as my skin turned pale and dark makeup appeared around my eyes.

This time I wasn’t groaning, I was screaming in agony and horror as the changes progressed.

“Grrrrr…heeeeeelp me….”

“I am…I am…please…don’t hurt me…”

“Grrrr, please help me, heeelp me!”

My eyebrows turned black and arched becoming more menacing as I closed my eyes, hoping that this whole thing would be over soon.

When I reopened my eyes, they turned from their hazel brown colour to aquamarine blue with a ghostly tint.

I was still screaming in agony as the process contuined, Ariana was watching in horror as she saw what was happening.

“Nathan! Don’t you worry….i’m going to help you.”

“Heeeeeelp me….aaaaaaargh…aaaargh!”

I continued to scream in agony as the changes continued, this time my teeth started sharpening and lengthtening – resembling vampiric fangs at first.

My facial features slowly started to morph and reshape themselves, looking less like myself and more like the Hessian.

“Nathan…don’t worry, it’s okay, we can get through this..”

“Maybe you can…but I can’t…..grrrrr….heeelp me, heeelp me Arianaaaaaaaaa!”

My facial features continued to morph and reshape themselves until I fully resembled the Hessian.

In addition to this my teeth which at this point resembled vampiric fangs sharpened more until they resembled the Hessian’s sharp pointed ones.

I gave out one last scream for help, but after that my voice grew coarse as my screams became a series of savage roars and grunts and the feelings of bloodlust took over completely.

I let out a loud fearsome roar as the changes completed, and I was now once again the Hessian.



“Nathan, it’s me, your friend!”


“Yes, it’s me.”


“I know it’s you in there, there just has to be someway to bring you back to normal again.”


“Nathan, please..”


My new instincts and urges kicked in and before she knew it, I was gone. She was filled with absolute dismay and shock when she found it.

“Oh no he’s gone! I’ll better go and find him!”

She ran out of the exit of the cellar and ran off into town to go and check and see if anyone had seen me anywhere, only to run into the mob from before.

“We all have to work together here, remember… the Hessian could be anywhere.”

“Hi. Whatcha doing?”

“We’re looking for him.”

“Who? You mean that Hessian?”


“Well I haven’t seen him.”

“But we heard his roar…”

“That’s odd, I didn’t hear anything.”

She listened very closely for a few brief seconds, at first she couldn’t hear anything -but then a loud scream could be heard coming from nearby.


“Do you hear it now?”

“It’s coming from the woods!”

Listening once again, she could hear the sound of a loud ferocious roar followed by several growls and screams.




“That roar….it’s….it’s….”

She rushed over to the woods and as she did, she got closer and closer to where the screams were coming from.

When she got there, she saw me now as the Hessian holding a young scientist by the name of Zander by the neck.

“Heeeelp me! Please someone help me! Aaaaaaaah!”

“No one can help you now….grrrrrrr!”

“Aaaaaaah! Please, someone, heeeeeelp!”

“Don’t bother to scream. Because you won’t be able to, once i’m through with you…you won’t have a grrrr….head of which to scream with….RAAAAAWRGH!”


I was about to slice his head off with my axe when she got in the way and saved Zander, I growled as I stared at her.


“Nathan! Please don’t hurt that man, he didn’t do anything to you!”

“I know but I feel so….grrrrrr…bloodthirsty…and…I need to…grrrrr…kill someone in order to satisfy my bloodlust.”

“Don’t! You are stronger than that, don’t let the insticts take control of you completely!”

“Grrrrrr…it’s too late….raaaaaawr!”

“If that’s the way it has to be…so be it.”

“I’m sorry.”

I lashed out at her, grabbing the axe that had materialized in my left hand and using it to have a go at her.

She dodged the attacks but one of the attacks knocked out Zander, sending him backwards onto the ground.


“Are you okay Zander?”


“Grrrr…….hold still..”

“No. I know you are still in there, Nathan. It’s me, your friend. Please don’t let it end this way.”

“Aaaaah….grrrrrr…..i’m sorry….but I have to, I can’t control myself!”

“Go nuts, then.”


I gave in to my more vicious instincts and started attacking her some more with the axe, luckily she dodged my attacks.

But unfortunately it took quite a bit out of her and her health was draining fast as she fell on the floor.



“You could have stopped…but you didn’t…you could have resisted, this is your fault…”

“I’m sorry, it’s just…instincts got out of control…there was nothing I could grrrrr do about it. Grr..”

“If you truly are sorry, then you wouldn’t have attempted to kill me like that.”

“I know, I truly am sorry about that, deep down I honestly am sorry. I feel like such a monster!”

“Most of it really isn’t your fault really… it’s mine.”

“I know, you left me alone while you went to go and confront the mob. You basically did horror cliche number 18 – running off while leaving the person who’s turning into a monster alone….grrr…..”

“I should have stayed. I wanted to, but I couldn’t bear to see this happen to you.”

“It’s okay…it’s okay.”

I held her tight, keeping her warm and safe. I had snapped out of my Berserker-like state and regained my conscience.

“Nathan….promise me that you’ll take good care of me. I don’t want to die like this.”

“I will…grrrr…..”

I ran off further into the woods to go and contemplate about my actions, I knew there just had to be a way to fix this.

“Please don’t let me die….please….”

“Grrr…don’t you worry, i’ve got something that might help us out…”

I grabbed a satchel that I had gotten from Morgoth’s inventory and bit into it with my now razor sharp pointed teeth, pouring the watery contents of the satchel over her body.

I stood back as her body started glowing with a golden aura and she slowly rejuvuenated to full health.

“Nathan? Where did you get that?”

“Morgoth’s inventory. I did a little bit of hunting while looking around in his store for a cure, unfortunately there was no cure but I found this..”

“That must have been really convienient.”


“So what are we going to do?”

“I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“Follow me.”

The two of us ran over to where the old windmill was, she didn’t know what was going on but she complied nicely.

“What are we going to do here?”

“We’re going to hide out here until this whole thing bides over.”

“Okay….but why?”


“Oh okay.”

The two of us ran inside the old windmill and stayed there for a few hours, but a couple of hours later – a familiar looking crow flew by.

“It’s HER! Grrrr…..”

“Oh great, she’s here…”

I snarled, baring my razor sharp pointed teeth at the crow as it landed on the ground, morphing into Michayala the witch.

“Well look who it is…it’s Ariana and her friend. Wow, what a big, tough, ferocious Hessian warrior you are. Those teeth, those eyes…that bloodlust.”

“You did this to me, Michayala!”

“Isn’t it wonderful?”

“I want you to fix this. Turn me back to normal right now, please…or i’ll…grrrrrr….make you pay!”

“I’m sorry, but i’m not a ‘good witch’, i’m an evil dark witch – duh! And what makes you think that I want to change you back?”

“Because if you don’t…you’re going to be my next victim….grrrrr….”

“I’m sorry, but even if you kill me – you will NOT be rid of the Hessian Hex.”

“Then why don’t you attack your friend over there?”


“Too late, I already have.”

“Grrrrr….fix this now or else!”

“I’m sorry – I can’t….”

“What? What kind of all powerful dark witch are you?”

“An evil one!”

“Grrrr….you’re going to pay for this…”

“That’s it, Nathan. Teach her a lesson.”

“Wait…you’re actually allowing me to give into my more bloodthirsty instincts, now?”

“Well yes … I am.”

“Oh well then….grrrr… Michayala, it’s your turn!”


“Aaaw – what’s the matter, are you grrrrr….scared?”

“Scared? Me? Ha!”

“I’m guessing that’s a yes.”

“So what are you going to do to her, then?”


“Go nuts.”

“You really mean it this time?”

“Yeah. Go nuts!”

“Alright, this may be a little graphic though.”

“I can handle it!”

I grabbed Michayala and held her tightly in my arms, before leaning closer to her in, and in a swift and careful move…..I sank my teeth into her neck and then kissed/bit her on the mouth, causing her to die.


“Oookay…..are you done?”


“Well thank goodness that witch is taken care of.”

“I’ll say, plus….this time i’m actually glad that I did give into my more bloodthirsty instinct. Who would have thought that someone so evil would have blood that tastes so good? Grrrr…”

“You look like you enjoyed it.”

“I certainly did.”

“So what are we going to do about it?”

“I’ll hide here in the shadows, and you go and tell everyone back in town that you defeated Michayala.”

“Okay, I will.”

She ran off back towards town to confront the mob of people once more, this time she informed them all that Michayala had been defeated and about the spell she had placed on me.

She also caught up with Ichabod Crane, who had been doing research the entire time and spending his many hours working on an investigation.

When she was done talking to them, she returned to the old windmill and went inside it, I was waiting in the shadows.

“So how did it go?”

“Surprisingly well.”

“Is it safe to go out there now?”

“I think so.”

“You think they’ll accept me like this?”


“Oh alright then!”

With that the two of us headed back towards the town of Sleepy Hollow and decided to look around.

It did take a little time to get used to people being scared of me and all but nonetheless, everything was fine.

As for what happened later, it is unknown as to whether or not I got cured of the Hessian Hex or not. Who knows? Maybe it has maybe it hasn’t….maybe it’s gone, maybe it’s not.

So things are back to semi normal for our heroes and everything is fine once again. But it is not entirely certain if Nathan got cured of the Hessian Hex or not.

Some say it wore off after a few weeks or months, and some others say it’s permanent and he stayed as the Hessian. And some say it’s a little bit of both. Who knows?

Whether or not he got cured is entirely up to you, maybe there’s still a little bit of the Hessian in him. 


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