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Welcome to the lair

April 20, 2012

Hello and welcome to Monstermaster13’s world of monsters,   this is a peaceful , fun, entertaining blog for fans of anything to do with monsters.  You can come here to discuss all things to do with monsters including sharing monster concepts and ideas of your own along with pics (includes photomanips), stories,  poems,  and just about anything you can think of that’s monster related.

And here are just a selection of the monster types you’ll get to discuss here with me:

  • Spellcasters (e.g witches, genies, phasms)
  • Vampires (no sparkly ones allowed)
  • Deadites or zombies
  • Werecreatures (can be based off a real animal or made up,  or maybe even a satire)
  • Aliens (can include reptilians or ‘frog mercs’,  but remember to ask first)
  • Greek myths
  • Scary animals in real life
  • Deep sea terrors (e.g Bruce the shark,  Pirahna,  Loch Ness)
  • Demons
  • Cult icons (e.g Ash,  Freddy,  Jason,  Chucky)
  • Cyborgs (e.g Terminator,  Robocop)
  • Giants/Ogres
  • Fairy Tale Creatures (e.g trolls,  dragons)
  • Comedy based (e.g Werejohncandy, wereleno,  Killer Klowns From Outer Space)
  • Cutesy (e.g Pokemon characters,  hobbits)
  • Cartoon based (e.g monster toons)
  • Jim Henson inspired (e.g Muppet monsters)

You can post monster related art,  stories,  poems and even photomanips on here but remember….no trolling,  if you aim to troll me then you wil ll be blacklisted and your comments will be trashed.

All comments must be in a non flaming fashion and must not be used as a form of libel against the admin (that would be me),  and if it’s off-topic remember to do it a nice formal manner which doesn’t come across as being insulting.

If there are any questions do not be afraid to ask.   You can ask any monster related question you like but remember…anything that is deemed as trolling or spamming will be deleted.

You can also provide monster related media such as video clips or music videos or comedy sketches that have a horror theme,  this can include transformation scenes from movies or tv shows (but NO Twilight) and any kind of horror themed song or musician (but absolutely NO Lady Gaga)

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