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TftW: Aquatic Admirer

TftW:  Aquatic Admirer
Charlie/The Asset (Shape Of Water) TF/MC

This is a TF of my character into the creature from Shape of Water and this is one of many tfs i’ve always been wanting to do which is into a fish-like creature and i’ve been disappointed that there aren’t that many that AREN’T about muscular shark-men and so i’ve decided to change the concept of the fish tf story by doing one of my own.

There are all sorts of stories of humans falling in love with monsters but there has never been one that has a relationship between a human and a human-fish hybrid monster.  And by that, it’s as in an actual fish-man not some kind of buffed up,  sexualized anthro shark who exists to be little more than just a Walking Shirtless Scene and basically just fanservice material for people who feel inferior because of their build and wish they had a body like Stallone (also pretty much why these shark-men were basically just the Zootopia tiger dancers with fins instead of being awesome like the Street Sharks).  All of that making a shark badass or intimidating thing is merely stereotyping based on a certain Spielberg movie which was based on a book which may have been inspired by real events.

Nathan Forester was one such person who thought that Fish Folk could use with something new as opposed to the typical Pretty Boy Fish-Dude that girls would totally want to be turned into a queen for,   and one night he went to do a bit of studying at an aquarium known as Kelly Tarlton’s and there was a new exhibit that talked about sea-monsters,  he took out his pen and started taking notes when he felt a cold chill.   The moonlight that was shining through the windows was making some of the fish leap out of the tanks,   he panicked a bit because he was worried that he was going to get bitten or attacked,  but surprisingly he didn’t.

He began to get a tingly feeling all over his body and suddenly he also began to feel like he loved water and wanted to swim around,  as his body slowly began to expand with musculature starting with his chest and torso,  his skin slowly turning a greenish-bluish color except on his stomach which was a little mottled brownish green,  his arms broadened next as his stomach slimmed and gained a recognizable bit of musculature on it as well.

“Woah…am I becoming some kind of fish-monster?  I must be.”

Energy was coursing through his entire body as his hands slowly developed webbing and also his fingernails lengthened and sharpened,  his skin in general become scaly and akin to that of a fish as he stretched his arms.   He slowly found himself growing in height as his frame was now extending to become a bit more lithe,  making him have the muscular and graceful build of a professional swimmer.

His legs lengthened as his feet shifted to become webbed,  he liked his new feet quite a lot and flexed them for a bit as a couple of fins grew from his back.  A couple of ‘frill-‘like formations wrapped around his neck as his neck lengthened and his hair slowly shifted to become the ‘head-fins’,  as webbing formed around his arms,  his eyes widened and turned golden,   while his nose lengthened in shape and size but didn’t shrink into his face,  his mouth contorted a bit to go with his appearance as his canines sharpened a little.

In addition to this he took a few deep breaths as gills formed on his neck and his mind slowly changed,  his memories shifting to being those of an elemental god and also of a human/fish hybrid who was in a relationship with a mute female human named Eliza,  and he remembered that they called him ‘The Asset’  or sometimes ‘Charlie’.    He couldn’t speak but his body and movements were very expressive, and allowed him to express himself without the use of words.  His transformation completed itself as he looked at himself in the reflection of one of the tanks.

That’s when he saw her,  he saw Eliza nearby and signalled to her to come over – in an instant she ran over and jumped in the tank he was in,  he looked lovingly at her as she swam around,  the two of them kissed and exchanged turns swimming around and caressing eachother.  ‘Charlie’ looked into Eliza’s eyes as he gently and passionately kissed her.

And so with that,  Eliza and Charlie spent the night being very close together and both of them were definitely enjoying themselves as they watched the other fish swimming around.   Charlie not only was among friends but he was with the woman he loved and he couldn’t have been any happier and he smiled in his own unique way as this happened.

As for what happened later,  the two of them decided to swim together and take a look and there were any more of Charlie’s kind that were around.  The two of them bonded and both of them felt glad,  knowing that both of them would always be for eachother.

Remember my dear friends,  the moral of today is that love is love no matter what it is,  even if it is between a human and a non-human species.  Whether they be a vampire,  a werecreature,  a mummy,  unicorn,  a mer-person,  an alien or even a fish-person,  you’ll find love is eternal even under the deep sea.


TftW: Father Figure

TftW: Father Figure.
John Candy TF/MC with weight gain

This is based on experiences i’ve had with people who have judged my work in a questionable manner or have just said the same stupid thing over and over again.  And also this is based on a few dreams I had last night and has a possession element as well since it involves a ghost of some kind.   I have been kind of hesitant about doing a TF into him because he is dead in real life and I try to be as respectful as possible,  but since he is someone I admire a lot I find that it’s easy for me to at least try.

Internet trolls and a-logger wannabes are practically no different than bullies,  only swap out the wedgies and other forms of bullying with insults, lame meme references and weening.  Take for example our rather antagonistic protagonist Alan Parkerson aka Lulzhunter40,  a scruffy know-nothing lay-about who was constantly searching for poor saps to make into the next big lulcow –  unfortunately for him everyone else ignored him and didn’t listen to a word he said,  but up until this point his mistake had been picking fights with people who clearly knew better than to pick a fight with him.

That included his latest victim Nathan Forester aka Monstermaster13,  formerly known as Drmusic2.  Or as he so affectionately dubbed him the ‘Werejohncandy guy’  because of his character creation which was basically John Candy as a yeti or sasquatch-esque monster,  he loved to pick on him for this reason alone and yet he always lost,  for a good reason..his insults weren’t original,  he was just rehashing the same material other trolls had used before him and claiming them as his own. 

One night he was talking to his troll buddies about how the concept of said character was ‘stupid’ according to him when Nathan himself spoke up and objected,  now he truly did have enough of this man and his stupidity.


“Is the werejohncandy guy going to defend himself?”

“I have a name you know,  and my name is Nathan Forester.  The werejohncandy is a fictional character –  well,  fictional in the real world that isn’t featured in these particular stories –  real in this world and the monster world in general,  but still…also his name is Chumsley. ”

“But you pretended to be him at one time claiming you were a natural born one.”

“That was an RP character,  it wasn’t real.”


“But nothing,  you and every other internet troll took it way too seriously.  I’ve never been one and never will be.  And you think that it means I want to wear John Candy as a costume? Uhhh, he’s dead,  he’s been dead since 1994.  At least in whatever world/dimension you originated from,  but in this dimension he is very much alive and well…”

“That guy on the blog said so though.”

“Oh you mean the blog that no longer exists?  That blog that made up rumors about Tim Burton directing the Twilight movies and also made a post about a children’s book adaptation of The Dark Knight?”


“Well he clearly didn’t understand the character and the idea.  I didn’t say I wanted to be the character or be John Candy in general.  Granted if he was still alive in your world I would have brought him here to this dimension and given him a hug.  But I think we all know that he’s dead and there’s no changing that.”

“What about those early blog entries YOU made?”

“Oh..those?  I was merely experimenting.  I was portraying a fictional version of myself and none of the events in those blogs are canon with the events in this universe.  The whole becoming fused with the werejohncandy character thing was part of a satirical episode of the series that parodied The Fly.   The blogs that I previously owned and used are mostly all satirical video blogs and journals.”

“That’s not what the guys on the forum said..”

“They just dislike me in general,  they’re just weening.  It’s never cool to do that.”


“I know,  they thought that everything that happens to the fictional version of me happens in THIS universe as well.   It doesn’t,  none of the events in that universe are canon to the ones in this universe at all.  And fyi,  I don’t count the forum war storyline as being part of either universe to be honest since I wasn’t involved with either of those. Despite what they have told you.”

“Wait…you WEREN’T involved in that storyline?”

“Heck no,  I was only talked into doing them in the universe of that storyline to try and stop people from harassing me,   nothing I actually said in that universe was in character and nothing from that universe exists in this one.”

“But there was this whole thing about Werebelushi In Shades…”

“Werebelushi In Shades is a Spin-Off of one of my review show skits.  His show takes place in the same universe as the one we live in and with the same characters but what happens in that universe is  different than what goes on in this one.  It’s a spin-off and thus doesn’t count as part of the main storyline.”

“What about the Were-teenage girl?”

“She is part of the forum wars storyline which as I have mentioned,  has nothing to do with me at all.  In addition to this she was basically just a No Celebrities Were Harmed parody of Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus.”

“What about the were-nudist colony and the were-objects?”

“Again…forum wars, nothing to do with me.”

“You swapped bodies/forms with John Candy in one of your storylines…which one was this?”

“That was an AU storyline that takes place in the 80’s.”

“There’s one question about the werejohncandy I don’t get…why did you make him immortal and unable to die?  I bring this up because during the forum wars storylines they made a big deal out of it,  and well…it has been plaguing my mind for quite some time.”

“Ah,  that was part of the original concept where he was a demigod who protected the mountains and forest and he was immune to physical harm but also had a factor that made him immortal.   That idea was scrapped though.”

“Aaaaw…but I liked that concept.”

“The other concept had him as an imaginary friend/guardian angel.”

“That was a pretty good concept too.”

“You know what?  Now that you’ve given me your reasons as to why you are obsessed with my work and why you have so many questions about it,  it makes me think that you’re not a bad guy after all…maybe,  maybe you’re just confused.   Maybe I could teach you a few things and answer a few more questions.”

“I would like that…could you tell me about the first few Tales From The Web seasons?  Because there’s something about those that has always been eating away at me.  I’m a fan of the show in general but could you tell me what exactly you think of the first few seasons of it?”

“Sure..well,  it wasn’t exactly what I call the best of the show or the best season of it for that matter.   Looking back at them,  they don’t hold up well.  Granted a LOT of people could relate to them with the antagonists being trolls and bullies and everything but it’s not my favorite of the show’s seasons to be honest.”

“The one where the hunter gets turned into a weregrinch as punishment also stuck out as one I could relate to,  and the cockroach tf in the very first episode is still one that I view as one of the scariest transformations in the whole show.   It’s kind of a shame that you don’t view them as being as good as they used to be.”

“Don’t get me wrong,  I still think they are good episodes but they haven’t held up well. A lot of the earlier episodes basically were cautionary tales like Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids and Tales From The Crypt and a lot of the so called protagonists who were transformed were usually unlikable to begin with.  It’s just when people started criticising it as being unfair and that the character didn’t do anything wrong,  that’s when I had to point it out to them.”

“I have a question i’ve been meaning to ask you…you said that you know John Candy or at least his ghost..right?  I remember hearing that in one of the storylines that the fictional version of you does know him.   I might be remembering this incorrectly,  but I do recall that you brought it up, is this true?  I just want to know.”

“Yes, it’s true.”

“Do you think you can bring him here?”

“I can’t bring the dead back to life and even if I could,  it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.”

“Are we talking Romero’s zombies here or something like that?”

“Romero and a little bit of Raimi.  Trust me,  you wouldn’t want to know what happens when I attempt to resurrect the dead.  It’s gory, graphic,  messy,  creepy,  messed up and extremely horrifying for all those involved.”

“Could you summon his ghost?”


Nathan concentrated as he performed a spirit summoning spell that summoned the ghost of John Candy from Alan’s dimension into this one,  concentrating extremely hard as he did so, the spirit of the comedian materialized right before him as he floated around for a few second. Alan couldn’t believe his eyes,  there was the spirit of the comedian floating around with a grand smile on his face. 

“Wow,  that’s incredible.”

“Of course it is…expect nothing less from me.”

He reached over and tried to hug the comedian,  but then he realized that he couldn’t, mainly because Candy was still in his ghost form and obviously he needed a body.  But luckily though, Candy had a solution,  he politely asked Alan to open his mouth and Alan obliged,  he dove down his throat which in turn possessed Alan.   His stomach gurgled a few times as his skin slowly began to lose its imperfections, his scraggly and scruffy build started to bulk up and gain weight as his chest and torso broadened.

In addition to this his clothing slowly grew and changed to fit his growing body as his stomach broadened as well,  his arms broadened and his hands pumped up in size to become much larger as his fingers thickened a bit,  his whole body in general was gaining weight to give him a slightly cuddly appearance as his rear inflated a little and his legs lengthened and broadened a bit,   he didn’t mind this though as he quite liked it.    His back and shoulders broadened a bit as he elevated in height to 6’3,  as this was happening his mind was already altering and he was thinking about all sorts of wonderful times he had throughout his life.

These included being a member of the Second City comedy troupe in Toronto and also of being a former athlete and also an actor and comedian,     his neckline changed as his jawline broadened a bit and gained a double chin of sorts,  making him look quite cuddly,  as if he wasn’t already cuddly  –   his hair lengthened a bit and turned from its dark shade of brown to a lighter shade that was still sandy colored as his eyebrows thickened a bit.  His eyes widened and darkened a bit as his nose changed shape,  his features morphed and reshaped themselves as his voice altered,  becoming a bit deeper but also becoming jovial and cheerful sounding with hints of a Canadian accent of sorts.     His features and voices had become those of the ghost’s full bodied form,  actually all of him had changed that way too.

His memories were becoming clearer now,  as he remembered who he was,  he was John Candy, the late great comedian and star of films like Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  Cool Runnings, Delirious,  and Uncle Buck.   John looked over at Nathan and smiled as Mel the koala-girl manifested in front of them.

“Yesss!  I did it!  I finally managed to have someone come back from the dead without it resulting in them becoming a zombie or Deadite.  I can’t believe I actually did it.  Maybe i’m getting better at this.  But just to be sure….John, are you in one piece?  You’re not falling apart are you?   You don’t have a desire to eat brains or swallow my soul,  right?”

“Of course i’m all in one piece.  And i’m fine.  Thank you very much for asking. And also thank you for bringing me here.  I am sorry for what the version of Alan did in the forum wars storyline and how he treated you,  I guess at the time he didn’t know better.  And he was probably just lost and confused..”

“That’s alright,  he is forgiven and so are you.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“Of course I am not mad at you in anyway,  I mean you’re John Candy.  And you know,  even when people do get angry at you,  they don’t do stay mad for long and they usually apologize to you afterwards anyway.   Besides,  we’re even…you helped me a long while back in one of the canon timelines and I helped you in the SCTV City universe.”

“You’re right there…”

“And more than that,  we’re close friends.  The version of you in the non-supernatural world may have passed away but you’ll always be alive and well here,  it’s basically your own version of being immortal as it were.  And you can come here anytime you want to and anytime you need a helping hand,  just call on me.”

“What about the version of Alan in the forum wars though?  I fear he might not be able to understand how you do the things you do,  or what the storylines that have me in them mean,  or us in general for that matter.”

“Don’t you worry about that,  I have an idea.”

“Does this idea involve a spell by any chance?”

“Oh,  it certainly does. You know it does.”

Mel looked over at John for a few seconds and hugged him,  she couldn’t believe her eyes..seeing the legendary comedic actor that Nathan had told her so much about all these years right before her,   it was fantastic and also very satisfying.

“Wow…it’s THE John Candy!  Eeeee!”

“Easy there girl…”

“I can’t help it,  you’re just as lovable as Nathan said you would be.  And you’re so cuddly too, almost as cuddly as me.  I’m Mel by the way.  It’s very nice to meet you,  i’ve heard a lot about you and it’s all good things too..”

“I know all about you too,  Mel.  You’re also pretty cuddly and I hear you’re quite a heroic marsupial as well.  It’s good to see that there are people and monsters in the supernatural world who are kind and generous.”

“Well I do my best…and woah,  Nathan was right about you,  you ARE extremely cuddly. Are you a fellow marsupial by any chance?  Or a Pandaren like Soo?  Because you definitely remind me of a Pandaren.”

“I’m just me…”

“Aaaaw.. I thought I recognized you in the World Of Warcraft universe. That Pandaren priest definitely sounded and acted a lot like you,  and then I looked it up.  That character was you, it was a pandaren version of you.  Soo never told me that you visited Azeroth before.  She did say something about a pandaren priest who is the real article and that what you see is what you get, reminded me of  Del Griffith.”

“Yep,  that’s my Pandaren form.  I use that form when I visit Azeroth and when I meet up with friends from there.   In case you’re wondering,  I bring Eugene Levy with me on my travels as well,  his Warcraft form is a Night Elf.”

“I’m so glad that i’ve gotten to finally meet you.”

John turned to Nathan as he looked over at him with a knowing smile, which in turn lead to him getting an idea as he got his spellbook and chanted a few times.  He had just the spell to use on the forum wars version of Alan,  he concentrated as he fused a bit of his aura with John’s and then transferred over to Alan over in the dimension the ‘Forum Wars’ storyline took place,  nothing happened at first but that changed when he found that he had powers like John’s as well as a few magical abilities.

“So…what kind of spell did you do?”

“Basically  I combined both our auras and fused them with his.  And he has your powers and a few other magical abilities now which I think will come in handy if we needs me”

“Any side effects to that?”

“He may involuntarily transform into you but i’m sure you are okay with that.”

“Are you kidding me?  I love that.  I can have someone to fill in for me when i’m on adventures with you guys,  this has to be the best thing ever.   Thank you so much for doing this and for helping me.”

“No problem,  now as I said it’s an involuntary transformation but over time he will master the ability to do it at will,  at the moment it’s sort of monster form at night or whenever it does dark ordeal but he will get used to it.   And i’m sure he appreciates this as much as we do,  besides..what better way to learn?”

“So it’s sort of a Were-Me ordeal?”

“Well technically…a little bit but not really.”

“But he does have my powers?”

“Yeah he does…plus two supernatural factors that will prove to be pretty useful.  One of them being that he is now ageless and thus immune to aging.  The second being that he has a healing factor that activates if he is close to being injured in anyway and also prevents him from catching illnesses of any kind or suffering from any medical problems.”

“That’s definitely good to hear.”

“Now…what do you say we go on an adventure?”


And thus with that the three of them went off an adventure and they met many new monster friends along the way,   in addition to this they learned a little bit about the various aspects of the supernatural world in the process.  An educational and entertaining experience was one that all three of them had and they enjoyed themselves.   After all…who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure with John Candy?

As for John,  he was glad to be in the supernatural world and to have friends who liked him for who he was and that his human world counterpart was still missed and loved by fans,  and also he was beyond satisfied that he didn’t have to be in ghost form anymore now that he had his body back and everything.   And also as a bonus,  he was even more pleased when the Forum Wars version of Alan discovered how to transform into him at will,  because not only did it mean he had someone to fill in for him when he was on adventures but also he had another way of being active in that world.

Remember my friends,  even though bullies and internet trolls and the like may be complete pricks on a regular basis – sometimes you might find one that actually just feels lost and confused and isn’t really into the trolling business,  and sometimes these ones just need a bit of guidance to lead them down the right path and maybe someone to help them,  like a mother figure or…yes,  indeed…a father figure.

TftW: Augor’s Apprentice.

TftW: Augor’s Apprentice.
Trump Monster TF/MC

This is one of three different Trump-monster transformations I am working on,  one of them is of a female version of my character becoming Trumpty in a homage to the infamous ‘I don’t think he’s gonna stop’ scene from Big Trouble In Little China and the other is a first person one told from the view of my character and how he deals with it.
It was a typical evening in Oakendale when Brandon Kerr was exploring the Spirit halloween store with his best friend Nathan,   the two of them were checking out the props that were on display and there were two new ones that caught their eyes,  both of those props were Trump-themed animatronics that had been installed.   The first one which was a monkey/ape-like one that was a homage to King Kong and the second was a John Carpenter inspired alien one that had the Trump-alien crawling around on spider-like legs,  naturally the ape one caught Brandon’s eye and he headed over to where that one was.

The animatronic looked rather impressive,  with a mix of Trump and ape-like traits, covered in what appeared to be thick fur,  most of the fur on its body appeared to be a mix of blonde and orange with the face being the most prominent part to have it,  the mane of hair was blonde as were the thick eyebrows,   in the creature’s hand was a young woman in a USA flag outfit.    Brandon inspected the creature as he pressed a button which activated it and turned him on,   the animatronic growled and roared as airplanes flew around it.

This animatronic definitely impressed him,  it was extremely well made and like it was a practical effect and he could see on the screen there was a movie that showed the creature, the movie had all practical effects and little to no CGI,  as it showed him roaring and swating away the planes with his massive hands.    As he was about to take a closer look at it,  the eyes of the animatornic glowed as the creature came to life and became an actual monster,  the monster roared proudly as he looked over at him.

“Ah,  I am awake.”

“Woah….that was pretty awesome.  How the heck did you do that?”

“Oh,  where are my manners?  I forgot to introduce myself,   I am Augor –  the creator Monstrump.   I am called that because I can create a Trump-monster out of any costume, prop,  or decoration in the store.”

“I am Brandon,  nice to meet you.”

“Likewise…i see that you have good taste in monsters.”

“Well I do love monkeys and apes.”

“I bet you like me as well,  I saw you watching my movie earlier.”

“That’s YOUR movie?”


“I must say i’m impressed.’

“If you are impressed by that,  you would definitely be impressed by my powers. For I can use them for many things,  they’re all impressive,  but especially these ones..and these ones are the ones I intend to share with you.”

“You’d share your powers with me?”

“Oh,  yes..”

Augor’s eyes gave off a golden glow as he walked over to him,  he examined him for a few seconds before concentrating and transferring his energy and aura into Brandon’s body, which then gave off a series of sensations,  that sensation was a feeling of warmth as orange/blondish fur slowly covered his arms,  his arms themselves swelling and bulking up as his hands enlarged and his fingers thickened.

The fur sprouted on the backs of his much larger hands as it also spread over to his torso and chest which slowly puffed and broadened up along with his stomach,   as weird as this seemed to be,  he didn’t seem to mind though,  not even as his legs broadened and his feet shifted to become hand-like,  in fact he kind of liked it,  his clothing slowly altering into a suit of sorts as he couldn’t help but think of the fun he could have,  his rear inflating a bit and as it did,  it felt good.   He slowly elevated in height to 6’2  as the fur continued to spread, reaching his back and shoulders which in turn broadened as his neckline altered,  he was enjoying this so much.

His hair slowly fluffed up and blonded up as he instinctively combed it over,  the blondish fur slowly growing on his face as his face in general took on a slightly orangish tinge.  His brow slopping a bit as his eyebrows bushed up,  his features slowly morphing and contorting themselves,  taking on a half ape-like look but also very much quite Trump-like as his teeth sharpened,   his voice even gruffened and altered to give him the voice that went with his appearance. 

But his changes were far from finished as his mind slowly altered and contorted, making him think that he had always been like this,   not a human but something else…a species of creature that was Trump based but also monster-like and that was when he looked around and remembered what he was,   a Monstrump..and an ape themed one,  just like his new teacer Augor.   He looked over at Augor and hugged him.

“Ah,  that is definitely a much better look for you.”

“You think so?”

“Yes,  your fur and your complexion are stunning.  And you look strong too.”

“I can’t wait to use my new powers.”

“And you will definitely have fun using them.  I have a task for you.  I understand that there is a friend of yours who is the same species as us.  Somehow who could come in extremely useful.   And you are a close friend of his, correct?”


“I can tell you really like him.  And you don’t see him too often,  correct?”

“That’s right..”

“I bet there are some ways we can bring him out though.  We could use our powers on any decoration or prop.  In fact…look at that orb right there.  That glowing orb and the projection it makes on the wall,  what does this remind you of?”

“It reminds me of the moon…”

“That’s right and what does every monsterologist know about Monstrumps?”

“That they love the orange moon oh so much,  and I bet that your friend loves it too.”

“Oh,  he certainly does.”

“That gives me an idea….”

Thus,  with that said –  the ape-like Monstrump known as  Augor carried out his idea using his powers to bring the orb’s display to life and turning it a vibrant orange color to resemble the orange tinted moon that his kind loved so much –  he used his powers to transport the display over to where Nathan was,  he chuckled as he did so.   Brandon,  now serving as his apprentice was eager to help him.

And with that their plan took off and right when Nathan made his way over to the John Carpenter inspired Trump prop,  that’s when the display lit up and began to mesmerize him, he tried fighting it but as soon as he gazed up at it,  he started to get those visions..visions of looking at the bright orange moon and turning into a large Trump-monster,   as hard as he tried to think of something else,  he couldn’t,  for it was having a powerful effect on his mind.

As for what happened later,  well…it was only a matter of time until Nathan would slowly start succumbing to the ravenous Trump-monster from within and start transforming,  and he couldn’t help but somehow enjoy it,  even as he began to lose control.  The Monstrump side of him always enjoyed teasing him like that.     He tried to resist but no matter how hard he tried,  the Monstrump side always won and that’s the way he liked it.   

Remember my friends,  sometimes when shopping for halloween props we might come across a few props that are more than just typical run-of-the-mill props,  next time when you pick out something for your next maze or halloween haunt…some props may not be props at all,  but actually may indeed be alive.

TftW: Rewritten.

TftW: Rewritten.
Trump tf/mc with meta elements.

This is a meta tf story of my character as an author being transformed into his creation,  that creation being Donald Trump as a monster.   This is mostly dark satire so please no complains about it,  save complaints for something more serious.   Also this is another one of the Trump-transformations I have been planning on doing.


Every story has a beginning,  middle and an end…as well as a twist.  And the formula goes as follows,   the heroes have to stop the villains and the villains lose and the day/night is saved,  but what if the villain decided it was time to take control of the story and thus also take control of the storyteller and warp him/her to their will?     Well that’s what today’s story is all about,  our story begins with author Nathan Forester in his computer room,   he was working on a new story that involved a transformation into one of his monster personas and he was working on an ending he could use.

He didn’t want it to end with a scene of his character turning evil or anything so he decided to make it so that the hero snapped out of it and fought back.    But as he did this,  his computer screen started to glow as smoke emerged from it,   the smoke took on a spectral form before shifting into a familiar looking visage,   jumping back a bit in shock,  he looked horrified as he recognized the being that had materialized in front of him,  that large creature that was the most feared monster of all,   the leader of the Monstrumps himself…and that was of course Trumpty, Trumpty hovered around him as he examined what was going on.

“Oh no…no…”

“Oh yes,  yes indeed.  Hello,  Nathan.”


“Yes,  it’s me…Trumpty.”

“Trumpty?  But that is impossible.  You’re a fictional creation based on a real person, you can’t possibly be here.    You’re not real.  Even if you were real, there is no way that this is anyway possible.”

“Oh but I am,  I am very real.   And I have been hearing a lot about those stories you write and I love the ones you write about me,  they’re all great except one thing.   And do you want to know what that is?”


“It’s that at the end of the story,   I always lose.”

“Not always though…”

“But most of the time I do.  Do you think that you can get rid of me that easily?  By having your character turn back into human form the next morning or by having me extracted from his body?  And do you really think that you can get away with making me lose?”

“Trumpty…you’re a villain,  you’re SUPPOSED to lose.  You’re not the hero,  you’re the bad guy.”

“I know but I don’t like that I am the villain.  I can’t help being what I am,  you should know that by now.  And besides,  out of the only times in which I actually HAVE won,  they are always short-lived.”

“What does it matter?  This probably isn’t real anyway.”

“Oh really?”

Trumpty reached over to where Nathan was and tapped him on the shoulder,  Nathan spun around and jumped back in shock before touching him,  he then rubbed the sides of his head to make sure if he was hallucinating or not,   this was no dream or hallucination,  this was real – one of his creations was alive and talking to him.

“Aiiiiieeee!  You’re real!  There’s no way that is even remotely possible.  What the heck is going on?   There has to be some kind of explanation behind this.  Because this is so bizarre,  so shocking…so outlandish.”

“It’s simple…I want to look at your latest work.”

“Oh alright,  but you probably will not like it.”

“Try me…”

“Alright…here we go.”

Nathan showed the hulking Trump-monster the latest story he was working on,  Trumpty approved of the transformation scene and the possession angle but he definitely was not keen on the ending,   in fact it irked him and made him shake his head in disgust.  He never did like it when this happened,  the everyone except the bad guy wins in the end bit really annoyed him to no end. Losing was something he really hated, especially since he was always the villain.

“Pretty entertaining I must say…except for that ending though.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean THIS ending ‘Dr Forester turned back into human form as the evil spirit of Trumpty was released from his body and everyone who had been turned into a Trump-monster turned back to normal as well,  the night was saved and everything was alright’.  Yuck!  Too happy for my liking, also…aaaaw come on,   at least have it so that your character turns into me a second time. Now that would be a better ending.”

“I’m sorry but that’s how the story’s ending is supposed to go.”

“I don’t like it at all.  I think you should change it.”

“That’s too bad then…”

“Luckily if you won’t do it…I will…”

“Don’t even think about it…you can’t even possibly think about it.”

“Oh,  but I can.”

Trumpty smirked in a sly manner as he began typing up and rewriting the ending,  erasing the ending that Nathan had written and putting in his own ending as his plan commenced, Nathan tried to use his monster powers to stop him but then,  the Trump-monster roared as he picked him up.    Nathan squirmed several times as this happened,  trying to break free of his grasp but to no avail.

“Let me go you orange mutant..”

“That is no way to speak to someone like me.  You should know better than to treat me like i’m nothing more than a villain in your stories who gets defeated,  good may conquer evil most of the time but not this time.”

“You better not do anything to my story…”

“Oh don’t you worry,  all I have done is make the ending a lot better.”

“What…have you done?”

“See for yourself…”

Nathan looked over at the computer screen as he read the ending that Trumpty had written in place of the original ending,  and what he saw was positively horrifying and disgusting all at the same time.    This was a truly sickening and disgusting ending if he ever saw one and it made him sick to his stomach just reading it.

“This isn’t a good ending at’s a dark ending.”

“My favorite kind..”

“Well it’s not for me…I mean look at this!  ‘Doctor Forester morphed back into his pathetic human form for a few seconds, but then his stomach gurgled and growled,  he clutched onto his stomach in pain as Trumpty’s spirit decided to up the ante by taking control of his body,  slowly but surely contorting him and transforming him’,   this is horrifying!”

“Oooh,  yes….now that’s a good one.”

“But this isn’t how it’s supposed to go.”

“Well not usually…but now it is.  And now…here’s the best part. ‘Doctor Forester’s body slowly began to alter and contort as his DNA was being altered in the process,  Trumpty’s spirit went right to work on transforming him,  working on each part of the body as he did so.  The human found himself swelling and growing to a magnificent Trump-like size as his whole body swelled and outgrew his pathetic human clothes’.   Now it is getting good.”


“Oh yes.”

“Not if I can do anything to stop it.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

Nathan tried to tackle the large Trump-monster before heading over to the computer,  trying to undo what he had done and undo the newly altered ending,  but that was brought to a halt when a sequence came up on the screen,  Trumpty used a code to import his own DNA-altering program to merge his DNA with Nathan’s,  which started up the sequence.  

“What have you done this time?”

“Over the many times I have been examining your work,  I have noticed how similar that the two of us really are.  I mean it is obvious that we are very much alike in terms of our tastes,  we both like monsters and we root for the villains,  it’s just that with you…you don’t like to admit it, but it’s alright…you shouldn’t be ashamed.”

“What?  We’re not similar at all…”

“Oh…I think you’ll find that we are.”

“But i’m a human and well…you’re a gross, slobbery,  icky Trump-monster.”

“Oh…are you?”

“Yeah…i’m human,  i’ve always been one.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Nathan was about to  reply back to him but his stomach growled and gurgled,  as if he was getting hungrier,   even though he had just eaten and it was just the start of his problems,  once more the hunger was one he couldn’t ignore,   but that wasn’t the worst…no,  he started to feel ill although he was perfectly healthy as his skin slowly began to bubble,  looking at his hands…he could see the skin on them slowly turning an almost orangish color as his hands enlarged and tore through his gloves.

“My gloves,  they’re ruined!”

“You won’t be needing those,  not with those hands.”

“My skin!  My hands!  They’re…”

“Exactly like mine?  Yes they are.  After all,  your DNA is fused with mine.”

“You mean?”

“That’s right,  you’re turning into me.”

He squirmed several times as his fingers thickened,  in addition to this his shirt slowly tightened and strained as his chest and torso swelled and broadened,  along with his stomach which was pushing against the front of the shirt and causing several buttons to slowly pucker and pop off one by one,   his arms broadened in the process as his aura darkened over a course of minutes, he was horrified and disgusted by what was happening.

“What?  Okay…now that is horrible.”

“Horribly good that is,  besides…in order to better understand me,   you must be me.”

With a loud tearing sound his shirt slowly began to tear apart to reveal the upperhalf of a business suit growing underneath,   a cracking sound was heard as his legs stretched, contorted and broadened with his feet enlarging.  His shoes slowly changing into a pair of size 12 ones as his jeans slowly tightened.    His jeans tightened as his rear inflated quite a few times until it inflated a little bit more to match his stomach.

His jeans slowly tore apart as he looked at his much larger backside,  he groaned a few times as the lowerhalf of the suit slowly formed in the place of his tearing jeans.  His stomach growling even more as he started to think differently…he wanted to resist the changes but he couldn’t,  because supernatural energy was jolting through him while his back slowly broadened with a loud crack.    He couldn’t put his finger on it but he oddly enjoyed the process.

“This is so…so…disgusting but yet…I like it,  why?”

“Because it is natural.”

“Oooh…now that you mention it…”


“I sort of like this…a lot,  feels gooood….so good.”

“You’re definitely starting to look good too.”

Even though he was horrified by how the process was going,  he actually was starting to feel less and less afraid of what was going on in general  –  granted,  he was slowly turning into the very monster that was his creation but he was beginning to feel that it was natural as his shoulders broadened and he elevated in height to 6’2.    He watched as his neckline altered, a long crimson colored necktie wrapping itself around it as it extended downwards to the point of reaching his stomach.

His hair slowly turned  from brown to blonde as he fluffed it up,  contorting it into a familiar hairstyle as his eyebrows bushed up and turned the same color as his new hair.   His brow sloped a bit as his face slowly matched his hands in terms of the orangish color that was present on them  as his eyes widened and turned icy blue,  narrowing a bit as well.  In his mind,  new instincts and thoughts were beginning to surface   along with new memories.

These memories were ones of being a powerful creature that nobody could control,  of being something beyond human, something that humans could respect and fear at the same time. He thought about this as his nose altered in shape and his lips swelled a bit,  his expression curling into a pseudo grimace as his features grizzled,  his cheekbones sharpening as his jawline broadened,  making him appear to have a much bigger jaw than normal as his features morphed and reshaped themselves,   his teeth brightening a bit as his features looked less like his own and more like those of his creation, which is  to say he looked a lot like Donald Trump, he even had the suit and hairstyle.  

His voice altered to match his voice as it deepened and gruffened,  developing a New York accent and a distinctive tone and style to it,  altering a few times to match his appearance until he had the voice that went his look,   which is to say he sounded like Trump as his mind shifted several more times,  he was remembering who and what he was.  He wasn’t human by any means,  not at all  – he was a Trump-monster,  not just any Trump-monster though,  but the main one,  the leader,  his name was Trumpty.   He removed his glasses as his transformation completed,  he looked on as he saw the original Trumpty pat him on the back.

“Ah yes,  perfect.  You’re a very good looking Trump-creature.”

“You think so?”

“Definitely.  I can tell you are coming to come in handy.”

“Indeed I am.”

“Now let’s go and start our own Monstrump army.”

“Ooooh,   I like that idea.”

“Let’s get to work.”

And thus with that the two Trumptys decided to get to work and work together,  spreading their influence to  humans that they ran into,  turning them into Trump-monsters known as Monstrumps and adding them to their army.   In addition to this the Monstrumps ran around causing as much havoc as possible.

As for what happened later,  the second Trumpty decided to publish the finished story with the new ending and share it online with a few select human friends,  he smiled several times as he did so,  knowing that said human friends were sure to be surprised.    And he knew that they definitely would be in for a surprise if they saw him as well.   Especially since none of his human friends knew that he was a Trump-monster yet.

Remember my friends,  that every good story needs the following things,  a beginning, a middle, an end,  or the twist,  and in addition to this sometimes it may be a good thing to let the bad guys win for once and sometimes that isn’t so bad after all.

Ballad of Trumpty’s Curse

Ballad of Trumpty’s Curse.

This is a first person TF of my character into his evil side and this is mostly dark satire with horror elements,   none of this is real though and this is all just a story.   If you think this is real,  seek professional help or consider a new line of work.    It also shows a bit of a sympathetic side to him as well and how he feels about becoming Trumpty.
Everyone has a dark side and in my case it is quite literal because well…I can turn into a variety of characters and creatures,  it’s a shapeshifter thing.  But most of the time when I morph I am in control of myself,  but sometimes…sometimes I can’t do anything about it.  Sometimes it gets particularly nasty.

You have no idea how difficult it is to explain this to my friends,   it’s the most embarrassing form i’ve ever had and i’ve turned into George Clooney as Batman,  Russell Brand and a human/slug hybrid,  it’s the most horrible thing I’ve been turned into,  it’s a…rampaging orange  monster.   Well technically a rampaging, orange  Trump-monster.    I didn’t deserve this curse but  somehow I have it now and it’s awkward to share a body with this thing,  this thing that is dubbed ‘Trumpty’.    

I even have visions/nightmares of becoming this creature and they all start the same way,  i’m hanging with my friends or getting cool supernatural abilities when they all turn against me and just when I am enjoying myself and start to use my powers,   that’s when he shows up and it hurts me…it hurts me to become him,  to lose control and become this rampaging Trump-monster and there’s no one I can turn to.  My closest human friends probably don’t even know that the Trump-monster and I are one and the same,  and the closest I have to someone who understands what it is like to be viewed as a monster is Bellwether, who I go out of my way to protect,   I keep her with me at all times.

Luckily though,  I only become ‘him’  when the moon is orange…it’s because of a curse you see.   You know the Stephen King novel Thinner?  Well it’s basically like that only I was in a field which was my typical haunting ground when I saw that orange fool playing golf…he was obviously intruding in my territory,   and yet according to that one wacko supporter who cursed me I’m the one who deserved to get punished?   That is hardly fair to me. come Billy gets the punishment of being cursed to lose weight while i’m stuck with the curse of being Trumpty?   

Anyway…the story of how I put up with this curse begins here,  with what appeared to be a bizzare vision only this was real,   I was getting ready for a night of research and I was washing up in the bathroom and examining myself in the mirror.   My friends were over with me at the time and they frankly worried about me.    I had been in there for a couple of hours and was panting several times.    I was just about to head out when I gazed out the window and saw in this case being the moon and it was a particular bright orange color, and that was when my reflection started speaking to me,  and that reflection wasn’t mine – it was HIS.   The 6’2 236lb orange blob himself.

“Hello Nathan…”

“Oh no…not you again humpty Trumpty.”

“Yes,  it’s me.  Who else were you expecting?”

“I’ve come to remind you that it’s time.”

“Oh no,  no no…not again.”

“Yes,   it’s time for you to show everyone what you really are.”

“No…no…no…I won’t.”

“Oh but don’t you know?  You don’t have a choice in the matter,  since you have been cursed,  you will always turn into me and even though you are human during the day, you are mine at night and always will…when the moon turns orange,  so will you..just like me, just like me. So big…so proud.”

“I know I know…and it’s horrible.  Being a big, tubby, gross Trump-monster is horrible, it’s nothing but a burden and it’s just so embarrassing,  no wonder my friends are afraid of me when i’m like that.”

“Embarrassing?  There’s nothing embarrassing about being what you are.”

I was about to respond to him but I began to feel light-headed and a little ill as the orange moon kept surfacing in my mind,  altering my thoughts and making me want to gaze it, my mind itself was thinking about the first time I looked up at it and the first time it happened…the first time I…well…changed.   I remember how it felt to transform, it was painful and horrifying but as it went on…it started to feel good,  oddly.   It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this,  but I kind of liked it.
Reminded me a lot of all those dreams/visions I had in which I transformed,  all of them started with me being chased and I remember the mirror and seeing him..staring at me like that,  glaring with his piercing icy blue eyes,   and then ooh..oooh,  the transformations would happen, and they would be so horrifying yet fascinating at at the exact same time.  


“Do you know how great it is to become me?  It is wonderful and you know that deep down,  you like it.   Remember the first time you transformed?  How good it felt and how much fun it was?  Remember that bright,  beautiful orange moon calling to you?  And make you want more…so much more?”

“Oh yes…yes…”

It was getting difficult for me to think straight,  all I could think about was the orange moon and how oddly entrancing the process of transforming was.   That’s when the transformation began to take place,   supernatural energy jolted through my entire body, making me feel a rush of power and it made me want more of it,  so much more,  not I wasn’t getting power hungry…I was just really liking the feeling of power in general, which is totally different from being a power hungry maniac.

My shirt started to strain and tighten a bit as my upperbody slowly gained weight, with my chest and torso broadening and swelling along with my stomach,  my normally slim build now becoming a bit bulkier as the sensation moved its way to my arms,  my arms broadening as my hands swelled and enlarged,  my gloves slowly tearing apart to allow my hands to be free.   

“There we go,  look at you…doesn’t that feel nice?”

“Uhhh…yes,  it kind of does.”

“Of course it does,  because you know that you’re outgrowing your human self and showing your true colors.   You may be a human during the day but you and I know both know what you actually are. And that is..”


A few buttons popped off my shirt as my shirt strained more and more trying to contain my much larger upperbody,   meanwhile my fingers thickened as my fingernails lengthened a bit –  turning golden and becoming akin to claws.  It didn’t take me more than a second to notice that the color of my skin was changing starting from my hands, my hands themselves slowly turning a peach-tan almost orange color.    

The buttons popped off a few more times as my shirt strained even more until it gave up the proverbial ghost with a loud-ripping sound,  revealing the upperhalf of a Brioni business suit growing underneath,  so strange yet so fascinating at the same time,  I tried moving around for a few seconds and it was kind of difficult but I adjusted to it,  as much as I tried to resist,   I knew that this was always going to happen.  My jeans were starting to tighten in the same way as my suit,  as my legs slowly contorted and broadened,  which meant only one thing…my feet grew a bit larger as my shoes slowly hardened and became a pair of size 12 workshoes to fit them.

Feeling the back of my jeans I could immediately tell that something was pushing against it,   and that something was my rear as it slowly began to puff up and inflate,  pushing against it and making my jeans in general tighten even more.   With a snap and a tear, my jeans slowly burst open as my rear inflated a bit more,  matching my stomach as a pair of matching Brioni business suit pants formed in the place of my ripped jeans.

“Ah yes,  more…more…you know want more of it.”

“Oooh,  yes…”

I didn’t need a mirror to look at my newly transformed body,  for I knew that my body was now a lot heavier than normal,   as my shoulders and back broadened.  I knew that with 13 inch arms,  a 44 inch chest and a 36 inch backside that I was definitely on the heavy side now and this wasn’t my usual physique,   my height elevated to 6’2.  I looked like I was on the overweight/obese side but for some reason I didn’t feel sluggish,  in fact I felt a LOT stronger as my strength increased to inhuman levels.

My neckline altered as a crimson colored tie slowly wrapped itself around it, extending and reaching downwards as the orange skintone from before made its way onto my face, all of the brown hairs in my scalp were slowly altering in color from how they normally were,  lightening as platinum ones fused with them,  which in turn slowly turned my hair from brown to blonde as it slowly began to fluff up as I instinctively started to comb it over a bit,   I can’t help it really…it’s HIS instincts that are influencing me here after all, as my eyes widened and turned icy blue just like his.

I could definitely feel a ticklish sensation as my eyebrows bushed up and turned blonde, my brow sloping a bit as my nose altered in shape,  my cheekbones sharpened as my jawline enlarged and broadened,   my mouth widened as my expression contorted into what I could basically sum up as a pseudo grimace-like expression,  my features contorting and grizzling up until they slowly but surely took on his likeness,  making me look more Trumpish than my regular human self.

My voice deepened and gruffened to match my appearance,  as it grizzled up and developed a gruff and authoritative tone along with a New York accent,  I recognized the voice that emerged from my mouth,  it was his…as my voice finished its next few stages of alterations,   I now not only looked Trump-like but sounded like that as well.  At this point, my mind was rapidly shifting,  making me think that this was natural and this was the actual me as opposed to my human self,  and making me think that I was always like this and that I wasn’t who I was before.

The name ‘Nathan’ seemed to become less known to me and I started to remember things differently,   I started to remember that I wasn’t a human and that I was a Monstrump which is a monster that is Trump-inspired and that I was basically Donald Trump as a monster,   which is to say…I was him,  I was the creature known as ‘Trumpty’ and yet I knew I had always been like that.

I looked up at the orange moon and I smiled a little,  as I thought about the times in which I had used my powers to transform humans into my kind and to show them how I am not to be laughed at,   I also thought about what i’d like to do tonight,  but the humans that were my friends…they couldn’t and possibly wouldn’t be able to understand me,  they would try to hurt me.

“There we are,  now this is perfect.”

“Yeah,  you’re right…it is.”

“Is anything wrong?”

“Well….what if the humans out there don’t like me?”

“Those humans are ridiculous…they probably fear you that’s all.”

“I guess that makes sense.”

“Well of course it does,  you are a powerful Monstrump with inhuman strength and heightened senses.  You are fierce and strong and above all,  fantastic.  People would be intimidated by you no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Because you’re the most fearsome kind of monster there is and that is no lie.”

“So what do I do with these new powers?”

“Go around and show them off of course,  make some new Monstrump friends.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me.”

And thus with that I got up and began to walk around the apartment I was living in, searching all the rooms for humans to test my new powers and luckily there were plenty of them,  as I hypnotized them and conditioned them into wanting to become my  Apprentices before they slowly but surely turned into Monstrumps as their mindsets altered,  making them think they’ve always been the way they were.   In addition to this, I got to make many new friends.

As for what happened to me later on,  I eventually managed to morph back into my regular human form,  only to be reminded that I was still cursed to become Trumpty and that no matter what,  he would always be there,  no matter where I am…he is always there,   watching, waiting and always attempting to take over me.   No matter how many times I try to resist,  he’s always finding new ways to alter me and make me more and more like him,   you’d think that this is a good thing but it’s not,  being a Trump-monster is a burden and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

What does it feel to bloat up to Trump size?  Well…you know the scene in Big Trouble In Little China where Thunder puffs up and explodes with air coming out of his nose and ears and he looks like a Garbage Pail Kid?   That’s what it feels like for a normally slim human like myself to puff up to Donald Trump’s size and gain his build,  it’s a strain on the clothes too.    There is no cure for it or anything,  so I guess i’m stuck turning into Trumpty every time the moon turns orange or every time I get a moment of feeling powerful or every time the Pizza Hut logo shows up.    I was only defending my territory but now…i’m got a bad case of the Help! I’m Donald Trump blues.    That’s why  I always try to prevent him from taking over me completely and try to resist as hard as I can,  but even in my dreams..I cannot stop him.

Such is the curse of the Monstrump and the curse of Trumpty in general,  no place to go, no place to hide,  no friends to turn to,  i’m stuck turning into the very thing I am not, the opposite of who I am,  the monster that lurks within me,  and this is a monster I don’t like at all,   such is the curse of Trumpty,  such is the curse of Trumpty.

TftW: Ashes to Ashes.

TftW: Ashes to Ashes.
Ash Williams TF/MC 

The third of the cult hero character tfs and this is one into Ash from the Evil Dead franchise, it’s also one i’ve been meaning to work on for a while.     I’ve done Evil Dead related stories before and i’m borrowing elements from one of my dreams for this one.
Sometimes trying to figure out how to use certain internet browsers can be a bit of a pain,  especially if when in the middle of typing something on Firefox or Google Plus you have to switch over to Internet Explorer.  Nathan was in the middle of typing up a comment when his keyboard started glitching and not working on the Google Chrome browser.   He had to do it on Internet Explorer instead,  but rather than giving up he decided to continue on writing and trying his best.

He did this in a cycle for several minutes or so,  but he could just couldn’t figure out how to get the keyboard to work on the Chrome browser so he just restarted his computer before starting all over again,    he didn’t give up and he knew there just had to be a way.   He wasn’t going to let one little browser problem get in the way of his good time.

“Come on…don’t break on me now.”

“Don’t you worry,  I won’t.”

“Good. “

“You can count on me,  sir.”

For the next few seconds,  he continued writing and he was almost done with his latest horror story when his ‘supernatural’ sense started tingling,   without warning the computer screen turned blood red as spirits emerged from it and tried to attack him,  he gasped before attempting to fight them off,   one of the spirits though decided to play a little bit of a trick on him by flying through his body and then going down his throat,  possessing him in the process.    He feared that he was going to turn demonic,  but quite the opposite happened as his chest and torso slowly began to expand and developed musculature.

His arms broadened as his hands enlarged,  his skin dirtying itself up a bit as his black spider t-shirt slowly turned into a blue denim one that was torn in some places as his jeans darkened and turned brown,   in addition to this a pair of black boots materialized as his feet while his feet enlarged a bit.     A couple of seconds later a mechanical silver gauntlet materialized one of his hands and with some tweaking,  he discovered he could switch between this and a chainsaw arm.   

In addition to this his legs broadened but he didn’t mind these changes,  his body genuinely did appear to be a lot more muscular now as his shoulders and back broadened,  he slowly elevated in height to 6’1 as his neckline altered,  his hair slowly turning from brown to black as it slicked back,   next to this his eyebrows thickened a bit with one of them being raised up as his nose became a bit more heroic looking.   His eyes widened as they darkened,  his features slowly altering to become more masculine in appearance as scars were painted on his face,   his jawline slowly broadened as his chin elongated,  giving him what was common known on TV Tropes as a Lantern Jaw Of Justice.

His face slowly morphed and reshaped further until he definitely looked like he’d be the type of character played by Bruce Campbell as his voice deepened to match,  as his mind and memories shifted which was followed promptly by the appearance of a shotgun of some kind which behind his back,   for some reason he remembered using both the shotgun AND the chainsaw arm to fight creatures called deadites.   He also remembered all of his experiences including the one that made him who he was,   and how out of the group of people that went into that cabin  – he was the survivor.

It was all coming back to him now as his voice and appearance finalized their changes,  and he was remembering everything that had happened to him and of course that book,  and that book in question was the Necronomicon aka the Book Of The Dead.  As his changes completed,  he remembered that he was Ashley J. Williams or ‘Ash’ for the short and he remembered refering to the shotgun as a ‘boomstick’.   Why?  Because it just sounded cooler to call it that.

“Ah yes,  that’s more like it.”

“Are you alright,  sir?”

“Yeah…i’m fine..there’s just a bit of disturbance here.”

“Should we do something about this?”

“I’ll handle this…”

“Alright,  i’ll leave it all to you.”

Ash decided to put his skills to work and fight off the spirits and the deadites that were emerging from all around,  he used his trademark weapons to slice and dice them in his trademark way,  being extremely badass as he did so and showing no signs of being afraid whatsoever.   After all…why would he ever be afraid of something he had been fighting against ever since the events that took place in the cabin?    A couple of seconds later,  he had taken out most of the deadites except for one and that was a deadite koala plush,  the deadite koala plush tried to latch onto him but he hacked the plush apart with his chainsaw and shot its head off.

Now that the deadites had been taken care of for the time being,  he decided to take a bit of break and he looked around for a bit,  inspecting the area before going back to using the computer to visit some paranormal websites.   There just had to be some place that the deadites arrived in, maybe some web-searching would assist him in locating where exactly they originated  from.

And thus with that he began his research and visited supernatural websites to look up the origins of the deadites that were invading his home,   he clicked on various articles and that’s when he came across a page that belonged to some kind of society of ‘supernaturals’ ,  he looked up the society and registered on there.   He knew that he was going to get information on how to  prevent more deadites from showing up and that it was going to come in useful for those situations.    Of course he could handle them on his own just fine too.

As for what happened later,  after signing up on the website of the supernatural society, he became a beloved member on there and shared his experiences with other members – and he also enjoyed being who he was.  And well why wouldn’t he?  After all,  as a wise-man once said…’it’s good to be the king’.

Remember,   sometimes we all face problems in our lives and there is always a solution, and even if you think there isn’t a way to fix things…when there is a will,  there is a way,  even if it is bloody and gory and involves slicing and dicing.

TftW: Bigger Trouble.

TftW: Bigger Trouble.
Jack Burton (Big Trouble In Little China) TF/MC

This is the second of the cult hero tf stories and it has my character becoming Jack Burton from Big Trouble In Little China,  it incorporates elements from Samurai Jack as well as various other shows.
Long ago in a not-so-distant land,  a powerful supernatural being named Lo Pan released a reign of terror unlike any other,   summoning various ancient spirits and beings from the underworld to do so with the aid of a trio known as the three storms,  known individually as Rain,  Thunder and Lightning.    A man named Jack Burton – who just wanted to have his beloved truck back,   traveled over to China Town to oppose him.   And he won.  Now in the present,  the legacy is about to continue.

Scientist Nathan Forester was in his lab,  unboxing several items from his latest adventure when he came across what appeared to be a mystical amulet of sorts.   He didn’t remember where he got the amulet from but he did remember it had an oriental design and he remembered that it had certain properties to it.   But he didnt remember exactly how he obtained it,  since the last time he came across something like that,  it was in a store owned by the same Chinese man who sold someone a Mogwai.

He picked up the amulet and inspected it,  he was left with two choices…one was to either get rid of it by sellig it on Monstribay and the other was kept it around in case he would be able to find information on it,   he chose the latter and decided to look up the story behind it before putting it on.   He thought for a few seconds,  but his train of thought was cut off by a surge of supernatural energy.

“Hmm?  That’s never a good sign.”

Supernatural energy began to flow through the amulet and through his entire body before a a supernatural aura of sorts,   the aura manifested in the form of spirits and similar beings which were released from the amulet itself as they circled around him,  one spirit took on the form of a leonine creature as it floated beside him.

“Ah,  free at last.”

“You must be the spirit of the amulet..correct?”

“Yes,  I am and I must thank you for freeing me and my brethren.”

“There’s more of you?”

“Why yes…there are.  And now, we’re all free.”

“This doesn’t look too good to me.”

He began to get a series of sensations that made him feel uneasy as one of the spirits tried to possess him,  only to charge him with more supernatural energy that slowly but surely began to alter him from within and on the outside as his DNA contorted.   His skin slowly started smoothening as it became rugged,  in addition to this he slowly packed on muscle mass starting with his chest and torso developing musculature along with his stomach slimming down a bit.      Whether or not this was the spirit or the amulet’s doing,   he didn’t exactly know but he couldn’t help but enjoy this and feel pretty good in spite of this.

His arms enlarged as they filled up with muscle,  his hands broadening in the process while his clothes slowly turned into a white tank top,  his grey trousers becoming a pair of denim jeans as his legs broadened,  his feet growing as his sandals morphed into a pair of black western style boots,  his back and shoulders broadening as he grew to 5’9,  his hair grew slightly longer as it took on a more 80’s-like style,  making it look like he had a mullet as his eyebrows bushed up a little bit.    His eyes turned from brown to an electric greyish shade of blue as they widened,  his features slowly morphed and reshaped themselves as 5’o clock shadow became visible on his face,  his voice deepened and gruffened while this was happening,  his neckline also altering in the process.

To him,  this felt…natural,  he looked in the mirror he had in his pocket as his face continued to morph and reshape itself,  looking more masculine until it eventually resembled a character that would be played by Kurt Russell.   His voice also altered and sounded like it went with his appearance while his mind and personality altered,  everything was starting to come back to him,   he remembered something about being a trucker and he also remembered Lo Pan and the three storms,  and he remembered that his name was Jack Burton.    A couple of seconds later his transformation was complete,  where Nathan was before there was now Jack Burton,   the everyday hero from Big Trouble In Little China.

“Looks like i’m going another paranormal case to solve.”

“Go ahead…but do you think you’re up to the challenge?”

“You bet I do.”

And thus with that he smiled as he begin to start his new quest,  going around catching as many supernatural beings as possible as well as capturing as many spirits,  elsewhere – the auras of Lo Pan,  Rain,  Thunder and Lightning had been transferred into the bodies of his allies Daniel,  Jonathan,  Jason, and Michael which resulted in them getting the respective powers of those beings and becoming them.    The new Jack Burton certainly had his work cut out for him –  but he knew he was probably going to catch all of those spirits,  and also continue on from when the last adventure he had left off.

As for what happened to him later,  he eventually teamed up with a group of young heroes and they solved paranormal cases of various kinds as well as discovered new creatures that could come in useful in their quest –  he also eventually did get his truck back and upgraded it,  and from then on they were were a paranormal investigation team.

Remember,  even when you think the story might be over –  there is a chance of it continuing and the legacy carrying on and there are many stories to be told and legends to unfold, and so many adventures to be had.    It never really is over in terms of the possibilities,  one chapter ends and another chapter begins.